Professional espresso machines are designed to be operated over long periods of time. We offer commercial espresso machines, like traditional Italian espresso machines from La Pavoni & Rancilio, as well as, Swiss automated machines with built in grinders from Jura and Egro. A Jura Automatic Coffee Center in the workplace allows employees and clients to enjoy great fresh coffee at the touch of a button.

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  1. Jura WE8 Professional
    Jura WE8
    Our Price $2,799.00
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  2. Jura WE6
    Our Price $1,999.00
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  3. Jura X8
    Our Price $3,499.00
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  4. Jura GIGA X8
    Jura GIGA X8
    Our Price $8,995.00
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  5. Egro One Top Milk XP NMS
    Egro One
    Top Milk XP NMS
    Our Price $25,500.00
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  6. Egro Zero+ Quick Milk
    Egro Zero+
    Quick Milk
    Our Price $14,000.00
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  7. Rancilio Classe 5 USB1 Commercial Espresso Machine
    Rancilio Classe 5 USB1
    Commercial Espresso Machine

    From $4,930.00 Regular Price $5,800.00

    To $5,185.00 Regular Price $6,100.00

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If you are looking for professional espresso machines, look no further than 1st in Coffee. 1st in Coffee has been in the business of espresso machines for commercial use since its inception in 2002. Based in Marlboro, New Jersey, 1st in Coffee offers a quality selection of professional espresso machines, coffee makers, grinders, coffee, accessories, and refurbished machines at great prices.

Professional espresso machines for coffee shops and restaurants need to be heavy duty and durable enough to operate for long periods of time and not break down. That is why it is always important to order commercial machines from a trusted retailer, such as 1st in Coffee. 1st in Coffee provides both traditional and automated espresso machines for commercial production.

Commercial espresso machines require heavy duty engineering and construction compared to those for home use. Prices of professional coffee makers and espresso machines range from about $2,000 to almost $9,000. Purchasing reliable, professional coffee machines for commercial use at your bar, office or restaurant is very essential. That is why picking the right brand and type is important with professional espresso machines.

1st in Coffee offers the Jura brand of professional espresso machines for commercial / workplace production. These machines are programmed to make a variety of specialty coffee drinks and include a built in grinder. Users of these machines do not need the skills of an experienced barista to create and serve consistent espresso and cappuccino.

Jura X8 is one such machine that comes with an affordable price tag at $3499. This business coffee machine allows the operator to prepare seven different specialties, such as cappuccino, espresso, latte, and macchiato, with just a touch of a button.  The Jura X8 is the perfect mid-sized machine for small cafes and restaurants, and can be used in office break rooms. It can make up to 100 cups of coffee per day and, with an adjustable coffee dispenser height, you can use practically any size of cup or glass.

If you have a need for even more features, then consider the Jura GIGA X8 Professional. It is priced at $8,999. This professional coffee maker is specifically designed for businesses that are looking for professional espresso machines for commercial use. The GIGA X8 can produce one or two latte at a time and features two built in grinders. Coffee can be selected from either grinder or mixed. Half decaf, half caf, no problem. The Jura GIGA X8 is produced with astounding commercial features and durability, resulting in the ultimate, fully automatic brewing experience. GIGA X8 has over 30 different recipes, and you can program at least 12 of your own recipes into the machine. Select a beverage, press a button, and out comes a perfectly made coffee drink. Its Touch screen interface also allows you to make volume and strength adjustments easily.

If you prefer traditional espresso machines for commercial use; ones where you grind coffee fresh, then measure, tamp and adjust until the quality of espresso reaches your expectation, 1st in Coffee overs the La Pavoni line of commercial espresso machines. These professional coffee makers are capable of the best, truly outstanding specialty coffee drinks, but they need to be operated by a well-trained, experienced barista.

For moderate production needs and a professional coffee maker at mid-range pricing, coffee houses can also consider the La Pavoni Pub 1V Commercial Espresso Machine. This machine comes with the latest technology and the highest quality in all of its components. Retailing at $4150, La Pavoni Pub 1V Commercial Espresso Machine is installed with a direct connection to a water source, hence eliminating the need to fill the machine’s water tank manually. This machine can produce up to 200 cups per day and has a four cup size selection.

If you require additional capacity, La Pavoni makes the Bar T line of commercial espresso machines. These machines included two steam wands and are available with 2 or 3 groups for producing espresso. For best results, we recommend the La Pavoni Zip commercial espresso grinder. La Pavoni machines are supported by a nation-wide network of service centers. Call 1st in Coffee for more information on professional espresso machines for commercial use.

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