Manual Lever

Manual Lever

Do you choose to chop and slice using you Santoku cleaver instead of a food processor? If so, 1st in Coffee manual lever espresso machines should be your 1st choice. There is no better way to involve yourself in the process of making espresso than a piston lever espresso machine. Their simplicity creates a small footprint in the kitchen or on your coffee bar while at the same time being more dependable due to their simplicity. No electronics nor pump to worry about with manual espresso coffee makers! Beyond that they give you the ability to tailor your shots through “pressure profiling.” Pull the lever slowly and smoothly and you will learn to make an espresso smoother and finer than all but the most sophisticated espresso machines available today. Give us a call and let's talk to see if manual lever espresso machines are right for you.

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With the wide variety of home espresso machines on the market today, it is important that you select one that is going to best suit your needs. There is not one type that is better than the other. When it comes to espresso machines, it is all about personal preference and finding out which machine is better for you. With the wide variety of machines at 1st in Coffee, you can easily find the best espresso machine that will match all your needs.

If you like having control over your espresso, and don’t want to turn over the grinding and tamping of your drink, then consider manual lever espresso machines. Manual espresso makers are a personal experience that get you as hands-on as possible with your espresso. You grind the beans, you add the water, you heat it, and then you force it through the ground coffee creating the perfect extraction. You are able to be hands-on throughout the whole process. There are two types of manual espresso machines: those that use a spring piston and those that do not. The spring piston machines operate by pulling the lever against the spring, which exerts the force for extraction when released. On the non-spring model exerts force on the lever to create the extraction.

Manual lever espresso machines are great if you want to involve yourself in the process of making an espresso, but they are also good if you want dependable machines. Manual espresso makers are part of the history of the espresso, and the pure simplicity makes them sophisticated and reliable machines. In its most basic form, the concept of the espresso is to force a small amount of water through coffee grounds to make a super strong small cup of coffee. Some machines do this for you with a pump, but, with manual lever espresso machines, you are the force that makes the espresso. This is how espressos were originally made, and the simplicity of manual espresso makers makes them more dependable. The simplicity of the lever eliminates the chance of something going wrong with the pump or the electronics.

If you are up to the challenge of mastering the art of hand-made espresso, then consider manual lever espresso machines. While it might take some practice to get the absolute perfect brew with manual espresso makers, having the ability to tailor your drink personally is a luxury. Being able to take control of your drink from start to finish makes for a beautiful process that is second to none in the espresso world.

For some of the best in manual lever espresso machines, look at the La Pavoni Romantica Professional and the Elektra S1. The Romantica Professional is a lever operated espresso machine that puts you in charge of the brewing process. The Elektra S1 is a beautiful machine that makes quality espresso and cappuccino.

For the simplicity, reliability, and beauty of manual lever espresso machines, turn to the experts at 1st in Coffee to help you find your perfect machine. Let us help guide you through our wide selection of espresso machines to match all your espresso needs. Call us today and let us help you discover the wonderful world of the home-made espresso.

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