Professional coffee grinders are designed to grind a full bag of coffee at a time. Retail coffee grinders like these are for use in stores and coffee roasters.

Small or large, fine or coarse- selecting the right retail coffee grinder is very important to meet the demands of your discerning customers. Apart from consistency, a high capacity, professional coffee grinder is an essential element to have for a successful coffee business. Nobody likes waiting for a long time for their coffee so a retail coffee grinder must be able to meet the demands of consistence, high usage as well as quick grinding time.

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Retail coffee grinders must also deliver in terms of reliability and durability. Retail and professional coffee grinders need to be able to grind a whole bag of coffee beans. Generally, the more expensive the grinder, the greater the grinding volume because it typically comes equipped with larger grinding burrs. Exceeding the maximum limit for a smaller grinder is not advisable as it can cause overheating, and eventually destroy the flavor of the coffee.

When selecting a professional coffee grinder, firstly look for its capacity. Can it grind a whole bag of coffee? Secondly, look at its RPM. The higher the RPM, the harder it can work. Also check on its wattage and overload protection. You will want this if you are grinding for more than 10 cups of coffee per day. Choose the type of burrs you want- whether conical steel or flat burrs are fine- it is just a matter of preference. Lastly, aesthetics come in. Does it look nice and does it fit well with your café? Does it take too much space? All these are points to look at when purchasing a retail coffee grinder and at 1st In Coffee, you can definitely find what you are looking for.

The Compak R140 Industrial Coffee Grinder is designed for high levels of production. This can be used for roasters as well as cafes and coffee shops. The Compak R140 can grind up to 6.5 pounds of coffee per minute and at any type of grind. It uses 140mm flat tempered steel burrs that can be re-sharpened and runs at 1350 rpm. The R140 also comes with a 1500 watt motor that has an overload protection of 220 volts. Retailing at $4,106, this grinder is doserless and comes with a polished aluminum finish.

Another grinder in the Compak brand is the R100 retail coffee grinder. Priced at $2,825, this retail grinder can grind up to 2.2 pounds per minute. Just like other grinders, this grinder is reliable and durable, and can grind Turkish fine to French Press. This heavy duty retail grinder can grind up to 2 pounds of coffee beans per minute. The R100 is equipped with an intuitive control dial which is a great feature especially for self-service capabilities. It also features a stepless grind adjustment and a 2.2 pound bean hopper capacity.

The Compak R120 Industrial coffee grinder can grind up to 3.1 pounds of coffee beans per minute. With its sleek tall tower, this professional coffee grinder is ideal for small coffee shops and cafes. Running at 1350 rpm, the R120 has a 1050-watt motor and a 4.75 pound bean hopper capacity. This grinder retails at $3,592.

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