The name "Rancilio" has become synonymous with quality espresso in the home and for good reason. With over 85 years of experience in Italy making espresso machines, Rancilio has applied their knowledge and expertise to become a benchmark name in home espresso equipment. Using the finest of materials Rancilio coffee machines reflect the brand's commitment to quality. Our exclusive 1st in Coffee's New User Guide to Rancilio Silvia and Rancilio Rocky is included free with any Rancilio espresso machine or espresso grinder purchase. This 20+ page instructional booklet sets the standard for getting the most out of your Rancilio coffee machines whether an espresso machine or a Rancilio coffee grinder. Our illustrated guide, written in plain English, will take you through the espresso-making process, step by step. Rancilio home espresso machines and Rancilio grinders carry a full 2 year Parts and Labor Warranty. We also carry Rancilio commercial machines, Click here for our Buying Guide.

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Rancilio is an Italian espresso machine and coffee grinder company that was founded in 1927, and, over their 88 years of experience, they have applied their knowledge to become a benchmark in home espresso. Their long tradition of high-quality espresso dates back decades and, today, they still continue to offer first class Rancilio coffee machines and their quality Rancilio coffee grinder.

Rancilio is known for creating the best commercial quality products for the home. They are always hard at work to create more efficient Rancilio coffee machines, but always keeping their end-user in mind. Their products have become innovative in both design and technology, and their name is one of the most well-known and respected in the world. All of their products are made with high-end materials that make them all extremely durable and sustainable. Their two most known and respected (and compatible) are the Silvia and the Rancilio coffee grinder, named the Rocky.

The Rancilio Silvia is considered to be the best semi-automatic machine that is under $1000. It has been a leader in its class for over twelve years, and with good reason. Rancilio took their results and experience from commercial machines and used these ideas to make one of the most quality home machines on the market, and for an affordable price. This machine, like other Rancilio coffee machines, earned its reputation by offering high quality materials and components, and by incorporating many commercially-inspired features.

These features include: the gleaming stainless steel exterior surface, the easy to use and conveniently located controls, which are located right on the face of the machine, the commercial grade portafilter and filter baskets, the heavy duty electric pump, the commercial 3-way valve and pressure release system, and the adjustable brew pressure. Features like these set it apart from other Rancilio coffee machines.

In 2016, Rancilio upgraded the Silvia to the Silvia M, which adds an updated 12 oz. thermal wrapped lead-free brass boiler. This makes the machine heat up quickly and evenly, and allows the temperature to stay at a high degree with a fast recycling time. This machine is available for $865.

Rancilio coffee grinders are also a gold standard, with the stand-out product being the Rocky Rancilio coffee grinder. This machine comes in two options, the Rocky Doserless Grinder and the Rocky Espresso Grinder with Doser. The Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder is not only an outstanding option for espresso, but also for drip, perc, and press pot coffee.

The doserless Rancilio coffee grinder gives the user the ability to easily grind directly into the portafilter, which alleviates some of the cleaning chores that are associated with a doser. It offers over fifty steps to the grind adjustment, which makes it easy to find the perfect grind that gives you the perfect cup of coffee for your taste. The numbered calibration also makes it easy to make consistent adjustments. The grinder features 50 mm flat burrs and a 10 oz. bean hopper. This Rancilio coffee grinder machine is available for $440.

The Rancilio coffee grinder with Doser is another excellent home espresso grinder that features commercial quality design and construction, which produces a perfectly consistent fine grind. It features most of the same components as the doserless version, but this model gives the user the ability to start the grinder, and then not worry about it. This machine takes care of everything for you and is available for $450.

Regardless of which one of the Rancilio coffee machines or grinders that you choose, you can be assured you are purchasing a top-of-the-line product. At 1st in Coffee, we will help you find the best Rancilio machine for your needs. Call us today and let us help you discover the wonderful world of coffee with Rancilio coffee machines or a Rancilio coffee grinder.

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