Rancilio Classe 5 S Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Classe 5 S exemplifies functional minimalism combined with contemporary aesthetics. It features modern side panels, curved group covers and an ergonomic work area for comfort and convenience. The intuitive brew group control buttons are designed for instant interaction between the barista and the machine. Semi-automatic brewing on this commercial espresso maker allows the barista to choose when the shot starts and stops.

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The Classe 5 S is the combination of modern style and contemporary art in an espresso machine. Made from brushed stainless steel, ABS and nylon panels, the Classe 5 has Soft Touch keypads for easy start and stop controls with white LED backlights. This commercial espresso maker is available with Anthracite Black or Ice White side panels.

Three Commercial Espresso Maker Versions:

2 Group                      11 liter boiler    4300 watts
2 Group compact    5 liter boiler    3000 watts
3 Group                      16 liter boiler    6000 watts

Standard Features:

  • Made from brushed stainless steel, ABS and nylon panels.
  • Semi-automatic brewing buttons - the barista controls when the shot starts and stops
  • Independent heat exchangers
  • Electrical heating
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Boiler and pump pressure control gauge
  • Two manual steam wands for frothing and steaming milk
  • C-Lever ergonomically designed steam hand features two positions: pulse steam (down) or steam fully on (up)
  • Hot water outlet with manual valve control knob
  • Removable dishwasher safe scratch-proof polymer drain insert
  • Adjustable feet
  • Double spout portafilters
  • Water connection: Dedicated cold water access line with standard female 3/8" NPT fitting and manual shut off valve within 4 feet of the machine.
  • Drain: Open gravity drain with minimum 2" I.D. within 4 feet of the machine
Technical Specifications
  2 Group Compact 2 Group 3 Group
Dimensions (W' x D" x H") 24 x 22 x 21 31 x 22 x 21 40 x 22 x 21
Boiler (liters) 5 11 16
Voltage 220 220 220
Element (watts) 3000 4300 6000
Amperage 20 20 30









Warranty and Service:

Includes installation, one year labor warranty, 1 year parts warranty, and 1 year preventative maintenance service.  Warranty and installation on equipment purchased through 1st in coffee is “Guaranteed and coordinated directly by the manufacturer” ensuring the highest level of support and service for your equipment. Warranty requires that water hardness must be maintained at 2-3 GPG. A dedicated water softener/filter is required.

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