Welcome to 1st in Coffee, your 1st place to shop for Mazzer espresso coffee grinders. These Mazzer coffee grinders for sale are the standard against which all other espresso grinders are judged. The craftsmanship and performance make Mazzer grinders the best choice for anyone serious about great espresso. Click the photos below for a detailed listing of the features of Mazzer grinders including the Super Jolly, Mazzer Mini, and Mazzer Electronic.

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  1. Mazzer Mini
    Mazzer Mini
    Espresso Grinder
    As low as $825.00
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  2. Mazzer Mini Electronic Espresso Grinder
    Mazzer Mini Electronic
    Espresso Grinder
    As low as $1,295.00
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  3. Mazzer Super Jolly V UP Espresso Grinder
    Mazzer Super Jolly V UP
    Espresso Grinder
    As low as $975.00
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  4. Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Electronic Espresso Grinder
    Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Electronic
    Espresso Grinder
    As low as $1,470.00
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Every coffee lover who owns an espresso machine should also consider high quality Mazzer grinders to ensure that you are getting the best shot of espresso out of your machine every time. It’s easy to overlook an espresso grinder when you are looking for an espresso machine. The espresso machine is a striking centerpiece in your kitchen and, if you are new to the world of espresso, you might not see the need for Mazzer grinders, but, without a grinder to consistently and effectively grind your coffee beans, your espresso will never reach its highest potential.

If you want the absolute best in espresso grinders, Mazzer grinders are for you. Luigi Mazzer designed the first coffee grinder in the 1950s in Venice, Italy. He then set out to design a more compact grinder for light commercial use, but with heavy duty components. Since its establishment, the company has been producing small, medium, and large Mazzer coffee grinders to fit every espresso lover’s needs. Today, Mazzer coffee grinders are considered the Rolls Royce of espresso grinders, offering the highest in quality and performance. The durable construction and consistency of Mazzer coffee grinders makes them the most reliable on the market, and the standard by which all other espresso grinders are judged.

Mazzer manufactures coffee grinders, dosers, and other espresso accessories, and its products are distributed in over 90 countries worldwide. Known for their commercial quality and design, Mazzer’s vocation to excellence and push for continuous improvement are the factors that have contributed to their reputation and success. There are several models of Mazzer grinders available, all made for their longevity and reliability. Deciding on which one of Mazzer's coffee grinders is best for you should be based off needs and preference.

The Mazzer Mini Grinder is the most affordable industry standard model. This espresso grinder is small, but built to last, with top quality materials. However, if one of the parts were to break, the model allows for all parts of the machine to be replaced. Normally, coffee grinders do not offer this feature. By allowing parts to be replaced, technically you never need to replace the Mazzer Mini. This machine is capable of producing quality, consistent coffee grinds for any purpose. Even though it is commercially designed, it is ideal for the serious home barista, with over 1600 rotations per minute. Features of this grinder include: dosing chamber that holds up to 200 grams of coffee, rubber coated adjustable dosing lever, timer that controls grind time and volume, variable grind settings, and a heavy, sturdy cast-aluminum body.

The Mazzer Mini Electric Grinder is a doserless version of the Mini, so, instead, this machine grinds directly into the portafilter. The Mini Electric was the first automatic fresh grind on-demand grinder on the market. Today it is a commercial-grade, high quality machine that is perfect for small cafes or restaurants, or even the home barista. This version is Type A, meaning that it has a push button panel operating device that controls dosing. There are three buttons to choose from: single dose, double dose, and the on-demand grind button, which will grind coffee as long as you are holding the button. Other features of this machine include: a bean hopper that holds 1.3 pounds of beans, a dosing chamber that can store up to 200 grams, an electric dosing timer that controls grind time and volume, 58mm burr grinders, and a stainless steel grind tray.

Regardless of which one of these Mazzer grinders you decide to purchase for your use, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best that the industry has to offer. At 1st in Coffee, we will help you find the best Mazzer coffee grinders for your use to help you create the absolute best cup of espresso. Call us today and let us help you discover the wonderful world of homemade espresso with Mazzer coffee grinders.

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