Water Kettles

Water Kettles

Electric hot water kettles offer speed, energy-efficiency and safety. Capresso modern tea kettles can boil water in nearly half the time as stove-top kettles offering not only time savings but energy savings as well. Electric hot water kettles also offer automatic safety features like boil dry protection which shuts the unit off when no water is detected, automatic safety shut-off when water has reached the desired temperature, and shut-off when the kettle is removed from the base. Electric kettles also have heat resistant, cool-touch bottoms which allow for placement directly on a table or countertop for easy portability and serving. 1st in Coffee carries several models of electric hot water kettles to choose from, browse here or call us at 800-709-8210 7 days a week from 8 AM - 10 PM EST.

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Every tea drinker knows how wonderful a kettle that shuts off automatically can be. No more noisy tea kettle whistling to let you know when the water boils. No more forgetting the kettle is on and accidentally boiling all the water away. Modern tea kettles have built in sensors which can detect when water boils and will automatically shut off the unit. Insulated walls will keep the water warm for several minutes until you are ready to pour. If you need to reheat, most of our electric hot water kettles can get water to the boiling point within a couple of minutes.

1st in Coffee carries several modern electric kettle models by the renowned espresso brand. The Capresso H20 cordless tea kettle model features a heat resistant 48 oz glass and gleaming stainless steel accents. The Capresso H20 programmable cordless tea kettle includes variable temperature control, 56 oz capacity, and a brushed stainless steel housing. Lastly, the Capresso Tea C100 cordless water kettle contains variable temperature control which allows you to program the proper temperature to brew your perfect cup of tea. All the Capresso modern electric kettle models feature auto shut-off.

If you are looking for a clean, compact, easy way to brew water, you must experience the Capresso electric tea kettle from 1st in Coffee. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50! Call us today to figure out which of our modern tea kettles is right for you.

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