Located in Naples Italy near the famous Mt. Vesuvius, Caffe Izzo manufactures exceptional espresso machines for the sophisticated espresso lover. Since 1979 Caffe Izzo has been improving and refining its designs offering customers the ability to create a true Neapolitan espresso experience in the home kitchen with Izzo espresso machines. Check out the Alex Duetto 3.0 at 1st in Coffee which features dual boilers and independent temperature adjustment by PID controller.

The PID, or proportional-integral-derivative controller, employed by Caffe Izzo for the Alex Duetto espresso machine is the best solution we’ve seen to eliminating human error in espresso making. The scientific explanation is that the PID operates on an algorithm which attempts to minimize error by adjusting the process through use of a manipulated variable. The easier explanation is that Izzo espresso machines automatically correct for very small errors that may occur in the brewing process such as exact temperature control, steep time, and pressure consistency. This allows the home and restaurant brewer to create consistently exceptional espresso with ease.

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The Alex Duetto espresso machine is one of the best on the market for those hoping to create the traditional tastes found in small cafes in Rome or Milan at home. It is a machine that packs enough power to perform well in an office or restaurant setting but is also petite enough to compliment a home kitchen. The double boiler feature allows users to create traditional espresso drinks as well as milk based beverages and the rotary pump is quiet so it will not interrupt your atmosphere with noisy operation.

The Caffe Izzo espresso machine is heavy, packing about 92 pounds when it is filled with water so be sure to have a helper nearby if you are attempting to move it. This sturdy design has proven to have its benefits however with shot after being pulled at a consistent temperature, texture, and taste. 1st in Coffee has seen very little issues with these Izzo espresso machines in the dozens we have sold to happy consumers.

1st in Coffee is committed to providing you with expert advice and customer service. We understand that purchasing an espresso machine can mean months of research and we are available to help you in any way we can. Call us for expert advice 7 days a week 8 AM - 10 PM EST. We look forward to helping you explore these one-of-a-kind Izzo espresso machines.

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