The Baratza company has quickly developed a reputation for excellence, quality, and consistency among the specialty coffee community. Suitable for grinding coffee for anything from Espresso to French Press, Baratza coffee grinders offer great performance and value. Check out weight based grinding with the Vario-W.

Since its inception in 1999, Baratza has been producing state - of - the – art grinders for those who care about making exceptional coffee. The name, derived from the Swahili word for a local place where men and women gather to drink coffee, has become well known among baristas, restaurant owners, and prosumer home brewers alike.

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Baratza grinders come from an innovative coffee grinder company that took the coffee world by storm when it was founded in 1999. They offer reasonably priced, high quality Baratza coffee grinders that are on the forefront of the home coffee grinding innovation. The U.S.-based brand has quickly become the company to look for in terms of innovation, quality, and consistency. Their mission is to improve and innovate with all of there new products and Baratza grinders. They have been awarded SCAA Best New Product in both 2011 and 2013.

Baratza understands that in order to get the absolute best cup of coffee, you need the absolute best grind that matches the quality, flavor, and roast of your best beans. The state of the art Baratza grinders support an extensive range of different brewing methods. This is one, if not the most, of the important decisions that you must make before you go in and purchase a grinder. You need to know what type of brewing method that you plan to use most often so that you can select the best product.

For example, the Encore line of Baratza coffee grinders includes an economical all-purpose grinder that is great for drip coffee. Encore Baratza coffee grinders feature upgraded European 40mm conical burrs which yield the most consistent grind. These burrs are specially designed to make sure that they provide the best and most precise grind for the best cup of coffee. Also, Encore Baratza grinders have 40 distinct settings of grind that allow you to select the best for your cup. In addition, their innovative calibration system basically eliminates any grind variation and guarantees consistency. The Encore grinder is available for $169.95.

If you plan on making more French Press coffee than traditional drip coffee, then the Baratza Virtuoso would be a better grinder for you. This machine excels at the coarse grind, making it the best choice for French Press. This is the first in a series of new Baratza coffee grinders that boasts all new upgraded components, like 32mm conical burrs, 40 different grind settings, a high efficiency motor, and a unique speed control. Its design is also sleeker than ever, with concise grinding champers, nickel plated satin finishes, and a front mounted pulse button. The Baratza Virtuoso is available for $229.

If you like to make espressos more than French Press or drip coffee, then you should look at the Baratza Preciso grinder. This is an upgraded version of Baratza’s top seller, the Virtuoso. The Preciso takes the components of the Virtuoso and offers micro settings that allow for precision grind adjustment that is needed for espressos. This Baratza coffee grinder features 32mm conical burrs that yield a consistent grind, and it has 40 macro settings and 11 micro settings. This machine is available for $299.

However, if you want a coffee grinder that can do all of the above, then you need the Baratza Vario. This is a commercial-grade Baratza grinder that is suited for both home or commercial use, and it is the ultimate multi-purpose grinder. The Vario has 3 programmable grind buttons, making it perfect for any type of coffee preparation. It has ceramic 54mm flat burrs and an electronic dosing component, with a digital control panel.

If you are looking for innovative Baratza coffee grinders to help elevate your coffee experience, then look no further. At 1st in Coffee, we understand the importance of the right grinder to help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee. We promise to help you find the best product from our wide selection of Baratza coffee grinders. Call us today and let us help you discover the wonderful world of coffee.

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