Found in cafes around the world, the Segafredo Zanetti espresso mission is to spread the taste, culture, and preparation method of true Italian Espresso to the far reaches of the earth. Bologna based Segafredo is the largest producer of espresso coffee in the world.

What began as a small Parisian espresso shop has developed in to a global presence today. Segafredo coffee is distributed worldwide and can be found in over 60 countries, on 5 continents, in more than 100,000 espresso drinks served each day.

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Segafredo Zanetti is the only coffee company in the professional supply industry that monitors every step of coffee production from the beginning of the coffee plant, through roasting, and finally packaging for delivery to customers. Segafredo coffee beans are all grown on plantations in Brazil, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. The best beans are picked and inspected then transported to blending and roasting facilities for Segafredo Zanetti espresso. These modern facilities use state of the art equipment to craft the famous Italian coffee blend Segafredo is famous for today.

The blend is the basis of the Segafredo coffee quality. The bean varieties that are most frequently used to create the famous Italian flavor are Arabica and Robusta. Without blending different types of espresso beans it is impossible to create the rich, layered flavor of true Segafredo Zanetti espresso. With Segafredo coffee, customers are guaranteed that each bean is grown in a specific origin, picked, inspected, and masterfully blended to obtain the best possible product.

1st in Coffee is happy to feature crafted Segafredo Zanetti espresso. “The ambassador of the Italian coffee culture,” Segafredo Zanetti Coffee is spreading the lifestyle and flavors found in Italian cafés throughout the world. Can’t decide which blend is right for you? 1st in Coffee offers coffee samplers! Call us today for a guided explanation of Segafredo espresso options.

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