The Compak combination of advanced technology and superior design meet only through years of thought and experience to produce gourmet coffee grinders. The company seeks to achieve this blend in all the Compak grinders they produce. Cool grind design leads to a quiet functioning and ensures the lowest heat transfer possible, resulting in the perfect taste. Browse 1st in Coffee’s fine selection or call our customer service line for expert advice and assistance on Compak grinders.

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  1. Compak K3 Touch Advanced Coffee Grinder
    Compak K3 Touch Advanced
    Coffee Grinder
    As low as $697.00
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  2. Compak Cube Tamp Automatic Coffee tamper
    Compak Cube Tamp
    Automatic Coffee tamper
    As low as $970.00
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Compak... if you grind coffee. This has long been the tag line for Compak’s superior brand of gourmet coffee grinders. The Compak grinders line was founded by Jesus Ascaso and his partners in 1952. These four men dubbed themselves the “Coffee Explorers” and were committed to spreading the art and taste of Spanish espresso to the rest of Europe and beyond starting with the most basic of ingredients: a perfectly ground coffee bean.

The level of technology that is incorporated into each Compak grinder allows users to attain fresh and perfectly ground coffee at the touch of a button. The company is continually innovating and experimenting allowing the company to bring consumers the highest quality materials, the most user friendly application, and superior espresso grinds time after time with their Compak coffee grinders. Compak applies the latest technological advancements not only to their design, but also to their controls and electronics. These coffee lovers collaborate with the most renowned industrial architects to create pleasing, fresh, and stylish designs that immediately evoke an impression of class and operation in their gourmet coffee grinders.

Since its founding Compak has expanded from its original line of professional coffee grinders to include gourmet coffee grinders, a Home line, a professional barista line, and a line that is made to be used by coffee retailers. All Compak grinders are equipped with the Compak Dynamometric System which allows for bean flow control via a high precision auger and precise dosing.

The beauty of Compak coffee grinders is their ability to bring high precision grinding to the home kitchen. The advances in technology and innovation with design have allowed Compak to make precision grinding affordable to the home coffee lover and small restaurant owner. The perfect grind that was once available only at coffee retailers can now be achieved in a smaller, private kitchen setting with Compak grinders.

1st in Coffee believes that the perfect cup of espresso begins with the perfect grind. We invite you to call our customer support line for expert advice on these high quality gourmet coffee grinders. We look forward to sharing our love of coffee with you! Since 1995 when Compak entered the coffee grinder market they have continued to bring unique grinders with advanced technology to the professional, commercial, and home coffee enthusiast. Whether you own a roastery, a coffee shop, or are just looking for the best grinder for your home espresso bar, Compak has a grinder to suit your needs. Design, Innovation, and precise control using advanced technology. Stepless grind adjustment and fast delivery of your coffee make either of these Compak grinders standout on any counter!

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