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Compak F8 OD
Espresso Grinder

Product ID: 83T250

On Demand Grinding brought to the next level

What do you get when you combine traditional flat burrs with modern digital precision? An espresso grinder that any home barista would be proud to have gracing their home coffee bar. Combining massive 83mm flat burrs and a powerful 730 motor, the Compak F8 On Demand espresso grinder is ready to go to work for you!

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Key features of the Compak F8 OD
• Consistent feeding of beans into the burrs is important for consistent performance. Compak accomplishes this with a high precision auger above the burrs.
• You can easily program the automatic grinding for both single (“1”) and double (“2”) espressos. Pressing the corresponding touch panel indicators will automatically grind for the programmed amount of time. The duration is set by the user and can be easily changed. Alternatively, you can use the portafilter to trigger the grind by placing it in the portafilter holder pressing it inwards once for a single (1) or pressing it twice for a double (2).
• On-Demand grinding can be selected using the three-position power switch. When in that position, just press the portafilter in towards the machine and grinding will take place so long as it is held in that position.
• The “Refill” button also operates as an “on demand” option making if easy to “top off” the portafilter or use in an on-demand manner. Press and hold for continuous grinding and release to stop.
• The Grind Adjustment knob located on the side of the control panel allows easy and precise fine or coarse adjustment of the grind. The digital display shows the relative grind setting from 1 to 800.
• The motor is equipped with a double fan cooling system for long motor life.
• The three position power switch features off, automatic grinding (as detailed above) or manual grinding as you desire. The manual choice is handy, just in case there is an electronics failure. It allows the grinder to be operated even if the electronic control system fails.
• The adjustable portafilter holder can be adjusted and locked in place with the included tool to securely hold your portafilter for hands-free grinding.
Electronic features
• Multi-language display
• The menu system which allows numerous settings such as the time, date, dosing, and more can be protected by password to keep stray hands from changing your settings.
• Total and Partial shot counter keeps track of usage.
• The Compak F8 OD will display a message when it is time to change the burrs. But don't worry. The burrs are rated to be able to grind over 1,700 pounds of coffee!
Key Specifications of the Compak F8 OD
Motor output - 730 watts
Revolutions per minute - 1,600 rpm
Burr diameter - 83mm
Espresso point production – 33 lbs./hr.
Grind speed – Single espresso in 1.6 seconds
Hopper capacity - 4.2 lbs.
Height x width x depth – 26” x 8.46” x 17.74”
Net weight - 28.6 lbs.