Looking to buy coffee tampers? Hand crafted and precision made espresso coffee tampers by Reg Barber are a joy to use. Reg Barber has been designing handcrafted, stainless steel, custom espresso coffee tampers for more than 20 years. Each tamper is custom made to fit your machine and your style. 1st in Coffee carries a variety of coffee tampers for sale including powder coated handles in many modern colors and classic wooden handles with stainless steel flat bases.

1st in Coffee offers free shipping on all orders over $50 when you buy coffee tampers! Contact us today for help exploring the beautiful Reg Barber collection of espresso tampers. We look forward to sharing our love of all things espresso with you!

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Although it may seem trivial to some, tamping is one of the most essential and intricate steps in preparing espresso. As with most delicate tasks, tamping is decidedly easier to perform correctly with the right tool. Tamping by loose definition is the process of taking loose coffee grounds and pressing them into a tightly compacted, evenly dispersed cake that the water will flow through when the espresso of coffee is brewing.

If you are wondering why this is an important step consider that water is sluggish! Water will not naturally push through coffee to extract all the deliciousness it has to offer. If water comes in contact with loose grounds, it will unavoidably find all sorts of gaps, cracks, holes to flow through, missing all the flavor you are hoping it will absorb from your amazing coffee. By contrast if the water meets a tightly pressed cake of grounds, it will squeeze through it evenly, picking up all kinds of flavor along the way.

For easy cleanup of your custom-made espresso coffee tampers check out one of our stainless steel knock boxes. Simply rap your tamper against the side of the box and any loose espresso grounds caught on your tool will shake off into the knock box. You can reuse or dispose of the loose grounds at your leisure!

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