Barista Supplies

Barista Supplies

1st in Coffee carries a variety of useful gourmet commercial coffee supplies for the home espresso and coffee enthusiast, as well as barista accessories for coffee shops. Espresso hand tampers and milk frothing pitchers will allow you to consistently prepare excellent espresso and fabulous cappuccino. Jura cleaning tablets can help ensure that your machine maintains its excellent condition. Free shipping on barista supplies over $50! Call today for expert advice and customer support on our barista equipment and coffee equipment supplies.

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  1. Jura Cool Control 34 oz. White
    Jura Cool Control
    34 oz. White
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  2. Jura Cool Control 20 oz. White
    Jura Cool Control
    20 oz. White
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Coffee accessories can truly make espresso creation more fun and more importantly can help you make the process personal and unique. You may be interested in the small tool made of metal and wood that presses down grinds (a tamper), or that perfectly sized, beautifully painted, designer cappuccino cup, or any of the dozens of pitchers, frothers, and cool commercial gourmet coffee supplies that 1st in Coffee offers. All of these barista supplies have a distinct purpose and it’s likely that every office, restaurant, and individual will have a unique assortment as part of their espresso bar.

Some of the barista equipment that 1st in Coffee carries includes:

Tampers – Tampers come in many different colors and sizes. We suggest getting one that is the correct size for your machine’s basket and appeals to your sense of coffee adventure!

Espresso cups, cappuccino cups, and coffee cups – 1st in Coffee carries designer cups and mugs including several one – of – kind collector’s editions. Drink your brew in style and remember a cup is more than just an aesthetic choice. The thickness, size, and interior shape of your cup can all have an effect of your espresso’s taste, texture, and temperature.

Cleaners and Filters – Wonderful tasting espresso usually starts with pure, filtered water. Jura cleaning tablets and commercial coffee supplies are a great way to keep your Jura espresso machine free of coffee residue so the water passing though is clear. There are several different types of cleaners including some designed for daily, weekly, monthly, and bi annual use. Filters are important barista supplies that can be a great way to strip your water of minerals that may affect the taste of your end product.

Milk cooling and heating devices – Barista accessories are not limited to coffee tools and equipment. The Jura cool control allows you to keep milk at a desirable temperature all day long while some of our pitchers are perfect for achieving the perfect warmth and froth for your brew.

Browse our barista equipment and commercial coffee supplies now to start making your espresso bar your own. We look forward to serving you!

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