Rancilio Silvia Instruction Guide Sample Page

1st in Coffee wants you to get the most out of your new Silvia!

The Rancilio Silvia produces outstanding espresso, lattes and cappuccinos, and we want you to get the most out of your Silvia. To help you along we include our exclusive "1st in Coffee's User's Guide to Silvia and Rocky." This guide was created by an expert in the field of home espresso, and many years of experience have gone into the creation of this guide. This guide is a "1st in Coffee" exclusive, and we include it FREE with the purchase of any Rancilio espresso machine or Rancilio espresso grinder purchase. The 20+ pages of instructions sets the standard for getting the most out of your Rancilio espresso equipment. Take a look at the samples below to see the quality of this guide:

The guide goes into detail as to the inner workings of Silvia. What happens when the Brew Switch is turned to the on position? You will learn exactly what happens when you read the guide! Knowing how the machine operates will help you feel more comfortable operating Silvia and will assist you in diagnosing any problem you may encounter. This image from our guide shows Silvia in the brew mode, pumping water through the boiler into the portafilter.
If you are new to espresso it can be difficult to get started. What grind should I use? How should I distribute and tamp the coffee? How can I tell what went wrong, and what should I do about it? Here is an example image showing what to look for in a good pull of espresso along with the explanation of why this is a good pull. Of course, there are examples of bad pulls as well, along with detailed explanations of what went wrong and what to do about it. There are plenty of images in the guide which will assist you in making wonderful espresso in a short time.
A quality appliance deserves care, and the 1st in Coffee guide takes you through the steps of the basic maintenance chores to help keep your Silvia running smoothly for years to come. Here is an image showing the removal of the shower screen for cleaning.
Rocky owners are also taken care of. Or guide covers just about anything you need to know from proper operation and adjustment to cleaning chores.

If some of this sounds technical, do not worry. The entire guide is written in plain English, with the new owner who has never made espresso before in mind. It walks you through, step by step, "from beginning to espresso," and more.

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