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Egro One Top Milk XP NMS

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Egro One Top Milk XP NMS is a high volume commercial super automatic espresso machine. It offers the most durable brewing technology available, two grinders and a milk fridge. This machine can produce up to 250 espressos or cappuccinos per hour. Perfect for offices, hotels, convenient stores and all self-service environments. Egro, part of the Rancilio Group, invented the first super automatic espresso machine in 1972.

Egro makes several lines of commercial super automatic espresso machines. The Egro One Top Milk XP NMS is a compact, high volume machine made with the finest and most durable components. The Top Milk XP NMS is a 1 step machine where any drink can be prepared automatically at the touch of a button. Milk is pumped from the included milk fridge, frothed and dispensed into the serving cup. 

Egro One Top Milk XP Features:

  • 5.7" full color touchscreen display makes using the commercial super automatic espresso machine simple. The easy-to use user interface guides the barista through the choice of products.
  • Up to 48 programmable drink selections including: cappuccino, latte, ristretto, espresso, coffee, americano, hot water
  • NMS - New milk system fully integrates milk preparation allowing one button cappuccino.
  • Centralized hot water with programmable temperature
  • Design allows for the preparation of a true Americano
  • This commercial super automatic espresso machine brews premium quality espresso
  • Advanced stainless steel 18 gram brew group
  • Dual Ditting grinders are top quality
  • Two 1 Kilo (2.2 pound) capacity removable bean hoppers
  • Manual chute for using pre-ground coffee if necessary
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • USB port
  • 4 LED lights indicate machine status
  • Dual spout allows for one or two drinks to be made simultaneously
  • Auto rinse cycles
  • Easy 2-step automatic daily cleaning program.
  • 2 Year parts warranty
  • 190 pound commercial super automatic espresso machine
  • Dimensions with fridge: 24" Wide x 23" Deep x 31" High
  • UL and NSF certifications
  • Requires 208 - 220 volts, 30 Amps, NEMA L6-30R receptacle
  • Water connection: dedicated cold water line with standard 3/8" female NPT fitting.
  • Water softener highly recommended. Required hardness 2-4 GPG @ 30 - 70 psi

Warranty and Service:

This commercial super automatic espresso machine includes installation, one year labor warranty, 2 year parts warranty, and 1 year preventative maintenance service.  Warranty and installation on equipment purchased through 1st in coffee is “Guaranteed and coordinated directly by the manufacturer” ensuring the highest level of support and service for your equipment. Warranty requires that water hardness must be maintained at 2-3 GPG. A dedicated water softener/filter is required.

The base configuration is described above, the following optional features are also available. Please call us for pre-sales support or to request a quote on this commercial super automatic espresso machine. Egro Buying Guide.

Steam wand - A traditional manual steam wand can be added for added flexibility. - $ 250

iSteam - The intelligent iSteam wand automatically shuts off at programmed temperature. - $ 900

Multi-Milk - This option allows for two types of milk to be used. $ 700

Multi-Drink SW Touchscreen - Industrial color touchscreen with a create-a-drink software features over 1000 drink possibilities - $ 150
The standard display has 8 pages, each showing 6 pre-programmed drinks, perfect for self-service environments
The Multi-drink software upgrade allows for the creation of customized drinks as needed, for example:
A drink type is selected, then Regular or Decaf, then size, finally Milk type: Skim, 2%, Whole
Resulting in a
Cappuccino, Decaf, 5 oz., Skim milk
Latte, Regular beans, 12 oz., 2% milk

Self Adjusting Grinder - Automatically adjusts the coffee grind size to compensate for environmental changes (includes extension card) - $ 890

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