It’s never been easier to make bean to cup brew


Put down the supermarket beans. Stop waiting in line for a morning caffeine fix. Brewing a great cup of coffee—or espresso, cappuccino or latte—is easier than ever. State-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to replicate the European coffeehouse experience at home, no plane ticket or jet lag required.

Amazing bean to cup coffee requires two things: Beans—fresh whole beans, not supermarket grounds or disposable coffee pods—and superior equipment.

When it comes to finding the right coffee machine, the options can feel overwhelming. But, thanks to state-of-the-art features like color TFT screen menus, programmable strengths, hot water levels and brewing temperatures and advanced grinders, making a great cup of coffee at home is easier than ever.

Before shopping for a new machine, make a list of must-have features.

Does your ideal home machine offer dual grinders allowing you to choose your preferred coffee like the Jura Giga 5? Or a grinder that preserves the aroma while grinding to the optimal fineness like the Jura z6? Or advanced optics to monitor filling levels in the bean hopper, sending an alert when beans are running low like the Jura IMPRESSA S9 Classic?

Deciding what you need in a home machine will make it easier to narrow down the options.

Remember, the newest Jura machines also offer these popular features:

One Touch Technology: The color TFT screen makes it possible to perform multiple functions from grinding and tamping to brewing, allowing you to brew the perfect cup of specialty coffee at home, all at the touch of a button.

Pulse Extraction Process: The patented pulse extraction process forces hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals, optimizing extraction time and aroma. It’s the first process of its kind in the world and ensures big flavor in your espresso.

Flavorful Extras: Choose a machine with fine foam technology to add feather-light milk foam to every cup of cappuccino; or purchase a machine with an “aroma boost” button that grinds the maximum amount of coffee to make an extra strong espresso.

In addition to the specific features, consider the volume each model can handle: Some machines are designed to make coffee, espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, flat white or latte macchiato at home but could not handle the volume in an office, hotel or restaurant. The Jura Z6, Jura J90 and Jura E8, for example, are designed for home use while Jura WE8, Jura Giga X7 and Jura IMPRESSA XS90 are perfect for higher volume use.

The features might be different but all Jura machines have one thing in common: Each one is a showpiece that looks great on the kitchen counter—which is a good thing because the coffee is so delicious and simple to brew that you’ll use it over and over.

The only thing standing between you and a great cup of home-brewed coffee is the right machine.

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