Did you know a proper coffee cup can enhance your coffee drinking experience? At 1st in Coffee, we offer a variety of espresso cups, cappuccino cups, special coffee mugs, and coffee cups online. Many of our specialty coffee cups are one of a kind and specifically designed to for a particular kind of coffee drink. Browse our collection here or call us 7 days a week from 8AM – 10PM EST for more information on these unique, fine crafted, specialty coffee cups.

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Enjoying a cup of coffee is the result of a laborer picking the choicest beans, a manufacturer crafting a fine coffee machine, filtered water, and the perfect cup to put it all in. Never thought about the cup? Well, the coffee cup is the last place that sees the coffee or espresso before you drink it. It has to be of the right type or the drink loses something.

This doesn’t mean that it is wrong to drink coffee from that same travel mug you have used for years, but it does mean that the experience can be better if a cup dedicated to the experience is used. Most gas station coffee mugs can house any beverage with equanimity, but only specialty coffee cups made for cappuccino or espresso can provide the experience as it was meant to be.

What is different about coffee cups made for the coffee or espresso drinking experience? They are made from either ceramic or glass and never from plastic. Plastic compounds are not as stable as glass and ceramic, so they break down as they are used. This tends to add unwanted flavors to the coffee. Some dedicated cups are made double walled so that they can be held comfortably even while they are holding a hot beverage. But this is not only for the consumer; it is for the coffee as well. Coffee should be consumed at a specific range of temperatures for optimum taste and a single walled cup may let the heat escape too fast.

The range of coffee cups online at 1st in Coffee is meant to satisfy the discerning coffee consumer, regardless of the drink preference. Cappuccino, espresso, standard and specialty coffee cups are available for sale, along with arty designs and fun accessories. For example:

  • Elektra Cappuccino Cups – cappuccino cups are somewhat larger than the traditional espresso cup since the milk adds some volume. These specialty coffee cups by Elektra are the same traditional type you will find in any coffee shop. They are made of porcelain, so they are durable and will not alter the taste of the drink.

  • Bodum Bistro Double Wall Glass Mugs – these coffee cups online are the same double wall design that Bodum is famous for. They are a classic 10 oz. mug made of glass that is perfect for frothy espresso drinks and drip coffee. It will keep your beverage at the right temperature while keeping your hands cool.

  • Espresso Café Cups – these are a representation of the traditional espresso cup seen in cafes around the world. They will hold a shot of espresso and the froth for any of several types of drinks. They come in a set of six so that you can invite friends and family over to enjoy a variety of concoctions.

The cup that you put your drink in matters more than just for style. It needs to be reliable, but it can also be stylish and provide a warming platform for your drink. No matter what your tastes, 1st in Coffee has specialty coffee cups and coffee cups online just for you.

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