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Refurbished Jura S9
One Touch Classic

Product ID: R13674

The Refurbished Jura S9 One Touch Classic is the most advanced and versatile version yet. One Touch Technology lets you make cappuccino, cafe mocha, latte or latte macchiato with a single touch of a button without moving your cup. It can also grind, tamp and brew 1 or 2 espresso or crema coffee in less than a minute.

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Key Features:

The Jura Impressa S9 One Touch Classic brews from 1 to 16 ounces at a time using just the right amount of fresh ground coffee. The machine features a large 96 oz. removable water tank and 2 stainless steel-lined Thermoblock heating systems. All coffee, milk frothing and hot water functions are fully programmable. You can set the temperature, coffee volume and coffee strength for each button. The Refurbished Jura S9 classic includes an integrated conical burr grinder and a separate coffee shoot for ground coffee. The S9 One Touch also dispenses hot water for tea or Cafe Americano. Other features include: large cup warming area, Clearyl water filtration, Automatic cleaning and rinsing functions, LED Dialog system, electronic sensors and a powerful 15 bar pump.

One Touch Cappuccino

The Refurbished Jura S9 will thrill you with cappuccino or latte macchiato prepared at the touch of a button, no need for you to move the cup.

One Touch Cappuccino

Coffee à la carte

Coffee à la carte

This Refurbished Jura Espresso Machine flatters the palate with coffee à la carte in all conceivable variations. Allows you to over-ride programmed settings to customize your preferences on the fly.

Height-adjustable coffee spout

Depending on whether you would like to enjoy a ristretto in a small cup or a 8 oz. cup of coffee in a tall mug, you can adjust the coffee spout from 3 to 6 inches.

Height-adjustable coffee spout

Active bean monitoring

Active bean monitoring

Active bean monitoring puts an end to problems with grinders running empty. The filling level of the bean container is continuously monitored optically to advise you prior to running out of beans.

Factory Refurbished

All Refurbished Jura espresso machines are factory serviced in the USA at a Jura facility. Jura does an excellent job and backs these machines with a 1 Year Mfg. Warranty.

Jura Factory Serviced



  •   One Touch cappuccino and latte macchiato buttons. With the push of the One Touch Latte Macchiato button, the coffee is ground, cold milk is siphoned, heated and frothed into your cup. Then the machine pauses to allow the milk to separate and then the coffee is brewed without ever moving your cup. The perfect Cafe Macchiato.
  •   The dual coffee / milk spouts with 4.7" clearance gives the ability to use a wide variety of cup sizes, and you can adjust the coffee spout from 3 to 6 inches.
  •   2-line Alpha/Graphic LCD display with graphics bar that indicates progress in the brewing process
  •   Four beverage buttons, all individually programmable for cup size, strength and temperature
  •   A la carte function with unique rotary dial to override programmed settings
  •   Three hot water temperature settings
  •   Height adjustable dual coffee spouts accommodate tall cups up to 5.8"
  •   Stainless steel cup warming surface.
  •   Commercial solid steel conical burr grinder, sound insulated, with 6 fineness settings.
  •   10 oz. bean hopper.
  •   Electronic bean level sensor, never lets you completely run out of beans.
  •   Pre-ground coffee chute for decaf or flavored pre-ground coffee.
  •   2 separate stainless steel lined Thermoblock heating systems - No contact with aluminum, no waiting to switch from brewing to milk steaming
  •   15 Bar power pump ensures high pressure during brewing.
  •   Removable 96 oz. water tank.
  •   Clearyl water filtration makes decalcifying virtually obsolete.
  •   Automatic display messages including integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning
  •   Cup brewing illumination
  •   Programming, Maintenance, Information accessed via the rotary dial
  •   Automatic cleaning and replenishing programs are indicated in the LED display for: fill water, fill beans, empty used coffee, rinse coffee spout, cappuccino rinsing and cleaning, tablet cleaning, replace Clearyl filter and decalcify.
  •   Energy saving settings
  •   Black finish with chrome accents
  •   1250 Watts, 120 volts
  •   14" High, 13 1/2" Wide, 15" Deep
  •   27 Pounds
  •   Made in Switzerland
  •   1 year warranty


Download the Jura S9 Classic Instruction Booklet: Click to view



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