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Faema Carisma

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There are few names in the coffee industry that carry as much history and respect as “Faema,” the inventors of the legendary E-61 brew group. They now bring you the new Faema Carisma espresso machine. Tucked into a compact unit is all the consistency and performance one would expect from Faema. Whether in the home serving the needs of the discerning home barista or in a small commercial environment, the Faema Carisma espresso machine is ready for you.

The fifty year history of the E-61 group (invented by Faema!) and a small footprint with big performance is what this Faema espresso machine is all about!


E-61 Brewgroup – The E-61 group was patented in 1961, and over thirty years later it is still in use and for good reason. The thermosyphon system keeps the group hot and ready for consistent temperature performance, and the group is dependable as well as being easy to service. No complicated electronics or electrical valves. The manual lever on the side controls the mechanical functions in the group. Lift to brew, and lower the lever to stop.

Copper Boiler treated with the Ruveco Teck Coating – To keep the water from coming into contact with any metal parts in the system where they might pick up heavy metals, Ruveco Teck treatment is applied to the boiler, the heat exchanger, the steam and hot water valves and other metal parts which come into contact with the brew water. This treatment meets the EC 1935/2004 food specification directive as well as being approved as NSF 51. Gruppo Cimbali, producers of Faema espresso machines, has an exclusive contract for this treatment.

PID-Type Digital Temperature Control – A compact electronic unit inside the case controls the temperature in the boiler far more accurately than mechanical devices. The user can adjust the temperature using the stylish, round LCD gauge on the front panel, to the right of the group. The display shows the current temperature set point chosen by the user concurrently with the actual boiler temperature. Above the gauge are three buttons (+ and – to raise and lower a parameter, and “OK” to approve the changes). The gauge can be set to show temperature in Centigrade, Fahrenheit, or Bar.

Pressure Gauge – On the opposite side of the group from the digital LCD is the brew pressure gauge which displays the pressure of the water during the brew cycle. This makes it a lot easier to judge whether you are grinding to the correct coarseness, using the correct amount of coffee, and distributing the coffee or tamping correctly. The two round gauges, one on either side of the group, give the Carisma a visually pleasing balance.

Water Reservoir – The 2.2L water reservoir, located under the cup warming tray, has its own cover to keep the water in the reservoir clean. The reservoir lifts out easily using its two built-in handles. It self-engages into the machine so there are no hoses to fiddle with. While it can be filled while in the machine, when you remove it for cleaning just remove the warming tray cover and lift the reservoir out, and when done just lower it into place. It comes with a replaceable water softening cartridge which fits into the reservoir.

Low Water Level Safety – If the reservoir level gets too low for safe operation, the machine automatically puts itself on “hold,” and alerts the user with a message on the LCD gauge. The background color of the gauge also turns to red if the water level is low for easy visual identification of the problem.

Drip Tray Level Warning - One of the messiest jobs can be the emptying of the drip tray when it is forgotten and becomes overfilled. Faema created a ingenious solution by placing a float in the drip tray which rises with the water level. When the level reaches the highest safe point, a mechanical visual warning indicator appears in an opening on the drip tray cover.

Polished Stainless Steel – The mirror finish of the Carisma is easy to clean and visually stunning. Please, never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads to clean the stainless surfaces of the machine.

Articulating Stainless Steel Steam and Hot Water Wands – Both wands can be easily moved to serve your needs as well as to create more working room when brewing espresso. When done they can be easily moved back over the drip tray to preserve the small footprint of the Carisma. The knobs are ergonomically designed and easy on the hands. Both the hot water spigot as well as the steam arm are stainless steel.

Pump - Ulka 41 watt vibratory pump with brass ends and integrated thermal overload protection.

Other features of the Faema Carisma espresso machine include NFS, ETL and UL approved. This Faema espresso machine may be used in a small restaurant, office, or the home, and is approved for commercial applications. You will also find it has an easily accessible resettable high temperature safety thermostat, a removable power cord, and a bottom panel which can be removed for easy access to the heating element.


  • Rated Output Capacity - 20 Espressos Per Hour

  • Electrical – 15 amps, 110 volts. 1100 watt heating element.

  • Height (total with cup warmer rails) - 17.75 inches \ 45 centimeters

  • Height (w/o rails) 16.75 inches \ 42.55 centimeters

  • Width 11.00 inches \ 28 centimeters

  • Depth 16.50 inches \ 42 centimeters

  • Weight 44.1 pounds \ 20 kilograms

 Included Accessories

  • Single portafilter

  • Double portafilter

  • ESE POD adapter

  • Rubber blank disk for backflushing

  • Plastic tamper

  • Group cleaning brush

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