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Lavazza Coffee Supplies & Accessories

Italy's leading espresso coffee company, Lavazza, has been roasting coffee for over 100 years. Its plant lies in the northwest Italian city of Turin and its state-of-the-art roasting facility boasts the world's highest concentration of advanced coffee technology. The entire process from sacks of green beans to pallets of packaged roasted coffees is computerized and centrally monitored. Special attention is paid to all Lavazza coffee beans as they are inspected for any imperfections and then roasted in air convection roasters which guarantee that each bean is evenly browned and never scorched. Lavazza's investments in technology, research and development and its dedication to quality control combined with the long roasting tradition of this family-owned company have made the Lavazza brand recognizable worldwide as the leader in espresso coffee.

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  1. Lavazza Dek pods

    Lavazza Decaffeinato Pods<br/>Box of 18


    Lavazza pods are for use in all ESE pod compatible espresso machines.
    These Lavazza Dek Decaf espresso pods are not for Lavazza Espresso Point System.

    Box of 18 individually wrapped decaf espresso pods.

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  2. Lavazza Qualita Rossa 8.8 oz. Bricks

    Lavazza Qualita Rossa<br/>8.8 oz. Bricks


    Lavazza Qualita Rossa is a combination of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees. This is a full-bodied, richly flavored blend that will produce an outstanding cup of coffee. Offers a perfect balance of flavor, body and aroma that will keep you coming back for more. Ground coffee imported from Italy.

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  3. Lavazza Qualita Oro 8.8 oz. can

    Lavazza Qualita Oro<br/>8.8 oz. can


    Lavazza Qualita Oro is an 100% Arabica coffee blend of Central American and African coffee beans. Noted for its full body flavor, it also offers hint of floral flavors as well. 8.8 oz. ground coffee per can.

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  4. Lavazza Caffe' Espresso 8 oz Can

    Lavazza Caffe' Espresso<br/>8 oz Can


    100% Arabica blend of the highest quality beans, which have been carefully selected and evenly roasted to produce a coffee with a smooth flavor and a tempting aroma.

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  5. Lavazza Crema E Gusto 8.8 oz. Bricks

    Lavazza Crema E Gusto<br/>8.8 oz. Bricks

    WAS: $6.75

    SALE: $5.99

    Imported from Italy, Crema E Gusto is a dark blend of full-bodied density, ideal as the base for specialty coffees; Cappuccino, Latte, Iced coffee, etc. This Lavazza Crema E Gusto ground espresso brick blend has a strong, well balanced aroma with a rich aftertaste and chocolaty notes and zero bitterness. It will produce a savory espresso with thick crema.

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  6. Lavazza Caffe Decaffeinato Coffee 8 oz. can

    Lavazza Caffe Decaffeinato Coffee<br/>8 oz. can

    WAS: $10.00

    SALE: $4.99

    This Lavazza Caffe Decaffeinato coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of top quality washed coffee varieties from Central America and natural Arabica beans from Brazil. The caffeine has been removed by the gentle water-process method, which maintains the coffee’s full, rich flavor. 8 oz coffee can.

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Lavazza is Italy’s leading espresso coffee company serving the best coffee beans the world has to offer. Since 1895, Lavazza has been roasting coffee beans to perfection. Having started out in a small grocery store, the brand has turned into the top selling espresso coffee in Italy, with 75% of the country drinking their coffee. Ranked as the world’s 7th coffee roaster, Lavazza has a long and well-known reputation for the quality of their blended coffee beans.

Located in the Northwest Italian city of Turin, the headquarters’ facility features state of the art, advanced coffee technology combined with traditional old world experience. Lavazza imports their quality beans from around the world, including: Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uganda, Guatemala, Honduras, and the United States. They credit themselves with inventing the concept of blending coffee, creating the perfect blend from coffee from different geographical areas.

The signature blend of Lavazza coffee beans might not be what you are expecting. The Italian style roast is much lighter than what you may be accustomed to from American coffee companies. The light roast extracts a more pronounced flavor and allows it to shine through without the bitterness that is associated with over-roasting.

Lavazza’s lines of whole bean espresso, drip coffee grounds, and pods are all shining examples of the company’s reputation and quality products. Their Super Crema is a smooth blend of Brazilian coffee, with Central American milds and sweet Indonesia beans. This perfect blend produces a traditional espresso coffee with a full, rich taste without bitterness, a velvety texture, and a thick, compact crema. The whole-bean product is a combination of washed and unwashed Arabica beans, with washed Robusta beans, which gives a pleasant and full aroma. This aroma and flavor is a customer favorite due to the light body, hazelnut aroma, paired with a sweet, fruity, yet smoky note.

Another customer favorite is the Pienaroma, which is a whole bean 100% Arabica bean blend, hailing from Brazil, the Caribbean, and Central America. Pienaroma, which means full aroma in Italian, has a delicate flavor that is creamy and smooth with a sweet hint of flavor. The sweet aroma contains hints of figs and jasmine flowers, giving a light, sweet fragrance. The blend also offers a low caffeine content, for those who want all the tastes and smells of espresso, but without a high caffeine percentage.

Lavazza’s top-selling product is their Grand Espresso whole bean coffee. This blend is made from the finest Arabica beans from South and Central America, combined with washed Robusta beans from Asia and Africa. The light and flavorful blend is full-bodied, with a strong, intense flavor. For those who are looking for a product to create milk-based drinks with, like lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos, this is a great option. It is also good for drip coffee, as well.

For the best blended coffee that the world has to offer, turn to Italy’s market leader for the best in espresso, drip coffee, and pods. All of their products carry the Lavazza quality performance and won’t disappoint. For all your Lavazza coffee needs, 1st in Coffee is here to help. We promise to help you find the best product for your wants and needs from our selection. Call us today and let us help you discover the wonderful world of Lavazza coffee beans and espresso cups.