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Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine V4

Product ID: silvia-v4

The Rancilio Silvia espresso and cappuccino machine has been a leader in its class for over eight years for good reason. Rancilio took their experience in manufacturing some of the finest commercial machines available and put it to work to offer a high quality machine for the home user at an affordable price. Version four offers a new steam knob and commercial style steam wand, making the best even better! It's no wonder that the Rancilio Silvia has become the gold standard against which other home espresso machines are judged.

Silvia Version 4 has a new boiler design featuring an improved stainless steel heating element

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The Rancilio Silvia espresso and cappuccino machine has been a leader in its class for over eight years for good reason. Rancilio took their experience in manufacturing some of the finest commercial machines available and put it to work to offer a high quality machine for the home user at an affordable price. Version four offers a new steam knob, commercial style steam wand & a stainless steel heating element, making the best even better! It's no wonder that the Rancilio Silvia has become the gold standard against which other home espresso machines are judged.

Precision manufacturing and the highest quality materials all come together to bring you a machine with a proven track record of dependable home service. 1st In Coffee wants you to get the most out of your new Silvia! Version 4

The Rancilio Silvia produces outstanding espresso, lattes and cappuccinos, and we want you to get the most out of your Silvia. To help you along we include our exclusive "1st in Coffee's User's Guide to Silvia and Rocky." This guide was created by an expert in the field of home espresso, and many years of experience have gone into the creation of this guide. This guide is a "1st in Coffee" exclusive, and we send it FREE with the purchase of any Rancilio espresso machine or Rancilio espresso grinder purchase. This 20+ page instructional guide sets the standard for getting the most out of your Rancilio espresso equipment.

Rancilio Silvia Guide

Click on the picture to the left to see a sample from our Rancilio User's Guide, and see for yourself why our customers say that it helped them get excellent results in a very short period of time!

The Rancilio Silvia V4 earned its reputation as the machine to beat for the home user by using high quality materials, high quality components, and incorporating many commercially-inspired features:


The Silvia shows itself to be a quality appliance right from the start. With the exception of the black, heavy steel framework, the entire exterior surface of Silvia is gleaming stainless steel. Not only will this machine blend beautifully with most any kitchen decor, it is also easy to keep clean and looking new for years to come.

Open the box and lift Silvia and you will immediately be impressed— this is not just another appliance. At 30 pounds it will be immediately clear that heavy-duty, quality materials are used throughout to create a superior machine!


All the controls for the Rancilio Silvia are located right on the face of the machine. Turn the switch in the front-center and Silvia is now powered up. The small indicator lamp on the switch itself illuminates indicating that power is being supplied to the machine. The large lamp next to the power switch is lit whenever power is being sent to the heating element. Once the power switch is on, Silvia is warming up— getting ready to make an espresso, a latte, or a cappuccino.

BREWING ESPRESSO: At the left side of the front of Silvia are three switches. The top switch is the "Brewing Switch" which starts the brewing cycle. When you are ready to make espresso, turn the brew switch on and heated water is pumped to the brewing group and through the coffee.

HOT WATER: The center of the three switches is for hot water. Turn this switch on, place a vessel under the steam wand, and open the steam valve (the knob on the right side of the machine's face) and hot water is dispensed trough the steam wand. This is handy for making an Americano or even a cup of tea.

STEAM: The bottom switch of the three turns on the steam function. This raises the temperature in the boiler to produce steam for stretching milk for a cappuccino or a latte. After this switch is turned on, and when the heating element lamp turns off, you will know that there is sufficient steam. Open the newly re-designed steam valve slightly to clear the steam wand of water, and you are now ready to steam milk.


Silvia earned her reputation in part from her astounding steaming power. The Silvia is considered by many to have the best steam production in its class— as good as machines costing much more. Indeed, the Rancilio Silvia will outperform every machine under $700 in steaming ability.

Turn on the steam switch, and in well under two minutes you will have sufficient steam to quickly stretch enough milk for a large latte or two cappuccinos.

You may notice that the steam wand is a simple, chrome tube without attachments to artificially enhance frothing— these aren't needed. The smooth, chrome surface of the wand easily wipes clean with a damp towel, like a commercial machine.

Quality Brewing Group

The chrome-plated, brass grouphead (where the filter basket is locked into place) is designed after Rancilio’s line of commercial espresso machines. The mass of metal evenly distributes heat and reduces “hot spots” for greater temperature stability. The dispersion disc and shower screen are designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for a better extraction.

12 oz. Brass Boiler

Brass is one of the best choices for a boiler. Brass is resistant to corrosion, heats up evenly, and can take the heat and cooling cycles that are common in home espresso machines. Silvia's heavy brass boiler can get up to temperature quickly and stay there, with a fast recycling time.

Triple Control and Safety

Silvia is equipped with three thermostats, mounted right on the boiler. One is for maintaining the proper brewing temperature to make espresso, one is to control a higher temperature for creating steam, and the third is a safety device. If for some reason Silvia overheats, the safety thermostat trips, much like a circuit breaker, and turns off the heating element. Once Silvia cools down, the user can easily reset the thermostat with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the cup-warming tray.

Commercial-Grade Portafilter and Filter Baskets

Keeping with the tradition of using only commercial grade components, the Silvia uses a heavy-duty chrome plated brass portafilter. The first time you pick it up you will know that this is a component made to last, just like the rest of Silvia. The heavy brass body is equipped with a tough, rigid plastic handle. The distance between the bottom of the portafilter spouts and the drip tray is 5 1/4 inches, plenty of room for a variety of espresso and cappuccino cups.

The Rancilio Silvia comes with two pressed stainless steel filter baskets (a single shot and double shot version), which both measure 58mm in diameter, the same size found in a majority of commercial espresso machines. A espresso pod conversion kit is also available.

Commercial Quality 3-way valve, Pressure Release System

A common complaint of lesser machines is that if the user is not careful, hot water and coffee can spray out when removing the portafilter. Like its commercial brethren, the Rancilio Silvia is equipped with a 3-way valve the relieves the brewing pressure as soon as the user turns off the brew switch. This automatically relives all the pressure so the user can safely, and cleanly remove the portafilter without worrying about the dreaded "portafilter sneeze."

Large Capacity 67 oz. Water Tank

On the top of Silvia is the large, black cover of the water reservoir. Lift the cover and it is easy to check the reservoir's water level or to replenish it by simply pouring in additional water. The entire reservoir can be easily lifted out of the machine for cleaning or refilling if you prefer.

Heavy Duty Pump System

The Silvia is equipped with a high quality electric pump which is capable of 15 BAR (217 psi) of pressure. These pumps have shown that they are capable of many, many years of dependable service.

Adjustable Brew Pressure

As you may already know, the best espresso is made at around 9 BAR (135 psi). Since the pump is capable of much more force than that, Silvia is now equipped with an internal, adjustable pressure relief valve which is factory set to the correct brewing force.

Drip Tray

Silvia's newly redesigned drip tray has a modern look as well as being very functional. They drip tray as well as the cover are both made from stainless steel which will remain nice to look at for years to come. The drip tray is easily removed for emptying and cleaning.

Cup Warmer

Silvia's top, like the rest of its exterior, is also stainless steel. The boiler is located right under the top, so the top serves as a handy cup warmer. Store a set of your favorite espresso cups there, and they will be warmed as Silvia comes up to temperature. Preheating your cups in this way helps preserve the delicate tastes of the espresso which can be affected by brewing into room temperature cups.


The Rancilio Silvia cappuccino and espresso machine requires no special plumbing or electrical outlets. Just fill the reservoir, plug Silvia into an appropriate outlet, and it’s ready to operate.

Product Specifications:

  • Colors: Brushed stainless steel
  • Power: 1100 watts - 120 volts
  • Size: 13.75"H x 9.25"W x 12"D
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Body Material: Steel frame, stainless steel housing
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
  • Origin: Italy

Included Accessories:

  • Rancilio Owner's Manual
  • Plastic tamper
  • Measuring spoon for coffee
  • Portafilter Handle and body
  • Single and double filter baskets

(Rancilio espresso cups shown are not included)

Additional Information

Color Stainless
Milk Frothing Steam Wand
Built in grinder No
Country of Origin Italy

Customer Reviews

By: lmn
January 1, 2015

I bought this Sylvia Feb 2005 and has been used every day since. Granted I only make 1 or 2 cups a day, but nonetheless not a single problem with it. I had bought the Rocky grinder, but returned it immediately and exchanged it instead for another brand they carried at the time. That (Cimbali Jr) is still working exceptionally also. Can't go wrong here!

Best Home Made Espresso
By: Mercy
May 28, 2014

I Have had My Rancilio for 9 years And still makes the best espresso ! Love it and recommend it :)

Excellent value and great espresso
By: Strick
January 29, 2014

Bought my machine and a grinder 4 years ago and still going STRONG
Only 2 dings to this great product: no temp gauge to verify temp, some chrome covering base of brew head is flaking off.
Overall, it's a great machine and dependable for a consistently good espresso shot. I make at least 3-4 latte's every day.
I keep looking for latest technology and other than a temp gauge (hint to engineers at Rancilio), I can't find anything with a better value than this machine.

Good single boiler machine.
By: [email protected]
December 20, 2013

The Silvia is an excellent single boiler machine with a real 58mm portafilter (commercial) and steam wand (not panarello). This will produce about as consistent of a shot as you will get under $1,000. 1 st in coffee is a joy to deal with. Always ships fast with great service. I have purchased no less than 3 machines from him, and always had a great experience. Great machine and great dealer.

By: JavaGourmet
December 18, 2013

When you want a machine that has the power to pull the perfect espresso, look no further! Stop getting ripped-off at overpriced coffee shops and make your own from this professionally crafted quality machine. Espresso's best friend!!

High quality components, very few plastic parts, commercial level performance at a fair price.
By: Jay
December 11, 2013

High quality components, little plastic, commercial level performance for a fair price. This is the ideal combination of quality components, craftsmanship and value. Excellent shots each time, provided I grind and tamp properly; many "god-shots."

Fantastic machine and unbeatable value
By: slave_to_miss_silvia
October 2, 2013

I obsessed for six months before I finally broke down and purchased my first Silvia/ Rocky combo. I bought it for my office, and she's made up to seven lattes/ day for nearly five years now. After a year and a half, I decided that I needed good coffee during the week as well, and so the second Silvia/ Rocky pair was ordered. This time I got the latest version on Miss Silvia. The steam wand is better and the new knob looks better, though the chrome trim has come loose and occasionally falls off. It's purely cosmetic, and I could pretty easily glue it back on if I was so inclined. Overall, this is a great machine for less-than-stupid money, and I highly recommend it.

Outstanding grind and brew
By: The Great Gatsby
August 20, 2013

I purchased Silvia and Rocky together, three years ago, at the recommendation of 1st in Coffee. Great products, and great customer service. Both the grinder and espresso machine are used daily, and always work perfectly.

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