Vesuvius Dual Boiler with Pressure Profiling

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Ambiente Espresso created one of the first prosumer, computer-controlled double boiler espresso machines in the world. The Vesuvius features pressure profiling, technology that allows you to program seven different pressure profiles during the extraction: Start with a long pre-infusion, ramp up to full pressure and then decline the profile—just as professional baristas do. You won’t find another dual broiler machine with an E61 group that gets as close to repeating the results of this top rated espresso machine.

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Espresso Excellence

The Ambiente Vesuvius puts the technology to pull the perfect shot at your fingertips. The pressure profile menu allows you to save five pressure profiles and choose from a range of extraction styles. Experiment with different options, starting with a 2-bar pressure for pre-infusion; increase it to 7-bar and again to 10-bar or skip pre-infusion and ease off the pressure toward the end of the shot—the options are endless.

Upgrades Galore

The Vesuvius offers all of the features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line machine, including stainless steel dual boilers, LED heating lights on the brew and steam boilers, low water alarm, touchscreen display and built-in programmable timer.

Recent upgrades have pushed the design, making the Vesuvius better than ever. The latest version also features stainless steel internal tubing, a bottomless portafilter, new stainless steel sensors on the steam boiler and safety valve.

Outstanding Design

For a machine that offers excellence in form and function, the Ambiente Vesuvius is a natural choice.

The water reservoir is hidden in the left side panel, eliminating the need to remove cups from the cup warmer to refill the reservoir; the touchscreen display offers multiple color choices; and ball joint-mounted no burn steam and water arms enhance functionality.

Ease of Use

Adjust temperatures for the brew group and steam broiler and pump acceleration speed, program the timer, read temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, choose idle time to deactivate the steam boiler or power down the machine—all at the touch of a button. Making the perfect shot of espresso has never been easier.


Stainless Steel Tubing
Water Level Sensor
E61 commercial group
Dual insulated stainless steel boilers with built in drains
Cup warming tray
Dot matrix touch display
Celsius or Fahrenheit
Built in programmable timer
Five pre-set 7 step pressure profiles
LED heating lights for the brew and steam boilers
Low water alarm
No burn steam and hot water wands with Joy Stick type valves
Large 1.7 liter pull-out drip tray with optional drain
3 liter water reservoir (accessed through the left side panel)
Electronic switch, to change from reservoir to plumbed
Adjustable feet
Easy access to the boiler drains
Two portafilters (a single and a double)
Blank for backflushing
Bottomless Portafilter
Braided waterline
Drain hose

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