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Torrefazione Settebello Espresso Coffee 12 bags

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Gourmet Coffee from a small Italian roaster, Torrefazione Settebello combines just the right mix of Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta to create a smooth flavored, aromatic light Italian roast.

12 one pound bags of Torrefazione espresso

Product Description


Expert roasters know that there are two ways to roast coffee, the easy way or the right way. Selecting beans that are grown for quality not quantity that will yield the maximum amount of flavor during the delicate roasting process. Precisely why, with the right equipment, you are guaranteed to get a perfectly marbled “crema” on top of your espresso (crema is the fine foam that is formed on the coffee when the brewing process is done right) that is thick and rich. Experience this smooth flavored light Italian roast with its subtle vanilla finish. Available in whole bean 1lb. valve fresh bags.