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Espro Coffee Press - 32 ounce

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When the Espro Press was introduced, one coffee expert said that it made the French press obsolete, and we couldn't agree more. While the Espro coffee press looks much like a traditional press pot and works in much the same way, the comparison ends there. Just like any other press pot, add the ground coffee, pour in hot water, insert the filter and allow to steep. Press the plunger down gently, and pour one of the most delicious grit-free cups of coffee you have ever tasted!

What Makes It Different?

The Espro Press uses a proprietary dual-stage filter design. Two different stainless steel mesh screens, each of them from 9 to 12 times finer than the screens found in other press pots, filter out nearly 100% of the sediment that adds bitterness and sludge to the coffee made in other press pots. The filter system is so efficient in separating the liquid from the grounds that the coffee can be left in the vessel with virtually no worry about over-extraction.

Put an End to Sludge - Ever mistakenly sip the last of a cup from an old design press pot? Nasty and bitter! That bitter sip can ruin the coffee experience. It's not going to happen with the Espro Press. You get a clean cup and smooth taste every time, right to the bottom of the cup, right to the bottom of the pot.

Espro Press Features

The two-part filter separates easily for cleaning without the use of tools. The attention to details is reflected here as well- the junction of the two halves is sealed with an O-ring. Every drop of coffee has to pass through both filter screen before it gets to your cup.

The filter system has a silicone seal around its outer-perimeter which securely presses against the inner chamber's wall. This ensures that the grounds stay where they belong, in the bottom of the pot. This seal is just one more part which further increases the efficiency of the filter system.

The plastic used in the filters is BPA free, BPS free, and phthalate free. The raw plastic material is made in the USA and the filters are manufactured in Canada.

Instead of glass, the vessel is stainless steel inside and out. The double wall vessel stays cool on the outside because instead of just adding some sort of insulation between the layers, the Espro Press has the chamber between the walls evacuated forming an all-metal, vacuum-insulated vessel. Cool on the outside while keeping the heat where it belongs- in the coffee!

Virtually unbreakable - No more having to replace fragile glass vessels! With basic care this could very well be the last press pot you ever have to buy! Even the handle is permanently attached to the chamber!

The large handle makes the Espro Press easy to hold. It's diameter is easy to grip and runs nearly the entire length of the vessel. It also adds to the elegant and stylish look of the Espro Press.

Tea, anyone? The Espresso coffee press can also be used the brew tea!

    LARGE   32 ounce - makes about 4 cups - Brushed finish 

Why take another sip of bitter coffee and sludge? The Espro Press is waiting to make you a great cup of coffee!

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