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Saeco Gran Baristo

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If you are looking for a full-featured, fully-automatic espresso machine that can serve the needs of multiple users, takes up very little space, and can be easily maintained, look no further than the Saeco GranBaristo coffee machine. Begin with over a dozen different adjustment options for your beverages plus the option to store these in your own personal profile (up to three different profiles can be stored in the Saeco super automatic) and you will be ready to satisfy everyone's individual preferences! At less than 8” wide and 8" tall you will barely know it is in the kitchen, until you taste the delicious coffee! Capable of brewing at high and low pressure, the Saeco GranBaristo coffee machine is capable of preparing the widest selection of specialty coffee beverages.

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The Saeco GranBaristo coffee machine gives you the ability to store preferences for up to three different users. These “Custom Profiles” memorize “custom drinks” for easy recall at any time. The following adjustments can be made:
Taste – Choosing delicate, balanced, or full body from the menu adjusts the pre-brewing (often called preinfusion) to control the depth of extraction.
Temperature – Brew temperature of low, normal, or high.
Coffee Quantity – volume of the beverage from about 1 ounce to about 6 ounces.
Aroma – from mild to extra strong – six total choices, plus the choice of using pre-ground coffee.
Milk Amount – The amount of milk dispensed for milk-based beverages is also selectable for each beverage type in the user selections. Like your latte with a little less milk? No problem!
Water – The volume of the water dispensed can be customized for each user.

Additional Information On The Saeco Super Automatic
• Boiler – The stainless steel boiler will last for many years with minimal attention from you. Just descale using the recommended descaling product on a regular schedule . The descale program in the maintenance section of the electronic menu is like having maintenance person available at the push of a button.
• Just push a button and the Saeco Gran Baristo grinds the beans and brews a rich, aromatic espresso, cappuccino, latte, or American coffee and lots more. Just touch a single button!
• Adjusting the “Aroma” changes the coffee “strength” through seven settings of your choice:
o very mild aroma
o mild aroma
o regular aroma
o strong aroma
o very strong aroma
o extra strong aroma
o ground coffee (for use with pre-ground coffee)
• The built-in grinder on the Saeco GranBaristo coffee machine operates automatically when needed, grinding coffee fresh, just for you. The grinder's burrs are ceramic, designed for years of consistent production. The grinder features five user-adjustable steps to help tune the machine to produce the beverages you love.
• A back-lit touchscreen display makes it easy to choose a “one-touch beverage.” And there are numerous settings that allow custom drinks, right from the touch screen control panel.
• Easy Programming – When brewing an espresso, for example, you can easily adjust the volume of the beverage and save it to memory. Press and hold the espresso button until “MEMO” appears on the screen. Brewing starts. When you reach the volume of espresso you want, press the espresso button again. That's it. The Saeco Gran Baristo remembers that volume of beverage. Next time, just press the espresso button and you will get the same volume beverage.
• Variable extraction force generates 15 bars of pump pressure for true espresso. When you want an American style cup of coffee the Saeco Gran Baristo brews with just 2 bars of pressure.
• The Saeco Gran Baristo pre-brewing system wets the coffee before delivering full pump pressure to maximize the espresso's rich flavor and aroma through a more complete extraction before the actual brew pressure is introduced.
• Enjoy professional-quality steaming and frothing with an integrated milk carafe that is easily installed or removed without tools. Milk is dispensed automatically. Snap the included milk carafe into the machine and press a button to make a milk-based beverage (latte or cappuccino). The Saeco Gran Baristo prompts you to slide the dispensing spout over. The coffee is brewed and the milk is steamed and dispensed right into your cup. The milk carafe stores easily in the fridge, so it's always ready to use.
• Spout height easily adjusts to fit different-sized cups. Push the dispensing head in and a spout is revealed to accommodate very tall latte cups.
• Eco-friendly water-saving feature reduces rinse waste by up to 80%. Less wasted water and fewer trips to the sink to dump the drip trays.
• Automatic cleaning and descaling cycles make it easy to maintain your machine at peak performance.
• Easily removable reservoir for cleaning and changing of the softener cartridge. Included are water test strips which allow you to judge the hardness of your water. This information can be programmed into the machine and the water softener can be adjusted to meet you needs and keep your Saeco Phillips Baristo working dependably for years to come.
• The “Special Beverages” selection allows you to move beyond the standard beverages and choose from Ristretto, a mild or intense espresso, or even just dispense hot water.
• Standby – this power saving feature automatically puts the machine in a power-saving standby mode. It can be adjusted to 15, 30, 60 and 180 minutes after the last beverage is made.
• The internal drip tray and coffee grounds draw are inside the machine. Open the side door and they pull out as a unit for easy cleaning. The external drip tray is also easily removed for emptying and cleaning.
• The milk dispensing carafe can be easily disassembled and soaked to keep it clean and your dispensed milk beverages fresh and tasty.
• The entire brewing group can also be removed easily by hand (no tools needed!) and rinsed off in the sink. The manual even shows where it needs to be lubricated using the included tube of special grease.

• Model # HD8966/47
• Stainless-steel and durable ABS plastic construction.
• 7.75"wide x 8"high x 14"deep.
• 28 lb.
• 1400W.
• 1 year Mfg. warranty
• The Saeco super automatic is made in Italy.

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