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Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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The Rocket R58 Dual Boiler espresso machine features a lever controlled E61 group and the ability to be used with either a direct connection to a water line or by filling the 2.9-liter water tank. Two independent boilers offer complete temperature stability and control on the Rocket R58 espresso machine.

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Key Features of the Rocket R58 Espresso Machine:

Dual independently operated PID controlled boilers allowing for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style. Rocket Espresso inclined boiler technology means precise group temperature adjustment and unprecedented levels of temperature stability. Commercial grade rotary pump draws from the machines internal water reservoir or allows for the machine to have a direct water connection from the water supply. Machine functions are controlled from the Rocket Espresso communication pod that plugs into the side of the R 58. The pod can be removed to preserve the style of the machine that is Rocket Espresso.

Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

For maximum temperature stability and control, the Rocket R58 espresso machine is designed with 2 boilers: 1400 watt 1.8 liter insulated copper steam boiler and a 1400 watt .58-liter insulated copper brew group boiler.

R58 Dual Boilers

E61 Group

E61 Group

Designed by Faema in 1961, the R58 features a E61 Grouphead with a dual pre-infusion system for great shot quality.

External PID

Proportional–integral–derivative controller is a advanced temperature control system the actively monitors and adjusts to maintain whatever temperature you set.



2 Gauges

Dual manometers provide a visual feedback of operating pressure of the Rocket R58 espresso machine. Both steam boiler pressure and brew group pressure are displayed.

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