Miscela d'Oro Espresso Gran Aroma - 1 Kilo

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Espresso Gran Aroma from Miscela d'Oro.

Complex and sweet flavor with notes of tobacco, 90% dark chocolate with a spicy aftertaste.

Intense aroma on the nose with syrupy, full-bodied mouthfeel, notes of spice and tobacco with cocoa and licorice in the finish.

Bitter cocoa up front with a sumptuous whisky/boozy character.

1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) Whole Bean Espresso

Origins: A predominance of premium Arabica from Central/South America and selected Robusta from Asia

Roasting: Medium

Distinguishing characteristic: Velvet and aromatic

Aroma and Flavor: Aromatic, delicate, fragrant, velvet flavor, mildly acidity, superb aftertaste

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