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Lavazza Espresso Italiano 8 oz. can

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100% Arabica blend of the highest quality beans, which have been carefully selected and evenly roasted to produce a coffee with a smooth flavor and a tempting aroma.

Lavazza. Italy's leading coffee company, has been roasting coffees for over 100 years at its plant in the northwest Italian city of Turin.  Lavazza's state-of-the-art roasting facility boasts the world's highest concentration of advanced coffee technology.  The entire process, from sacks of green beans to pallets of packaged roasted coffees, is computerized and centrally monitored.  Special attention is paid to each bean as it is inspected for any imperfections and then roasted in air convection roasters which guarantee that each bean is evenly browned and never scorched.  Lavazza's investments in technology, research and development and its dedication to quality control combined with the long roasting tradition of this family-owned company have made the Lavazza brand recognizable worldwide as the leader in espresso coffee.

Over one hundred years ago, Luigi Lavazza created the concept of blends, an aspect that has discovered its maximum expression in the culture of coffee. A fundamental part of making a quality beverage, the finest blends come from a mixture of different coffee varieties - up to even five or six. For example, blends made exclusively with Arabica are sweeter and more fragrant, while blends of Arabica and Robusta have a more full-bodied and decisive flavor. With over one hundred years of experience, today Lavazza modulates the sensory characteristics in the cup with 100% Arabica blends as well as blends with both Arabica and Robusta. Lavazza Caffe espresso coffee uses various coffees from Brazil and Central America. This allows us to create a wide range of blends with different notes of flavor and aroma: a full, chocolaty flavor when the Brazilian qualities prevail, or fragrant, delicate, mildly acidic and aromatic coffee when we use washed Arabica from Central America.

It’s no accident that Lavazza is Italy’s favorite coffee. Four generations of the Lavazza family have dedicated over 120 years to finding the best blends of coffee beans from all over the world to provide you the authentic Italian experience. The Lavazza Caffe Espresso Ground Coffee Blend is no exception. A mix of Central and South American Arabica varieties creates a rich dark roast with strong, fragrant flavor and aroma. This blend is ideally brewed as a traditional Italian espresso but is versatile enough to work with a drip coffee maker, French press, moka pot… whatever your favorite method of brewing may be. Enjoy a true taste of Italy that is uniquely Lavazza.

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