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Kopi Luwak Arabica Coffee (100G)

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Kopi Luwak coffee is not just another cup of coffee. The process that transforms ordinary Arabica coffee beans into a roast that is hailed as one of the most unique—and most expensive—in the world, only happens in Southeast Asia. Gayo Kopi embraces an elaborate 10-step process to produce the finest Kopi Luwak for sale in the world. Order a package of this rare coffee and discover why Hollywood superstar Jack Nicholson included it on his “Bucket List” in the 2007 blockbuster film. 100 grams of whole bean Kopi Luwak coffee.

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The Beans are Just the Beginning

Arabica beans are prized for their rich aroma, chocolate notes and caramel finish so it’s no surprise that Gayo features these popular beans in their Kopi Luwak coffee—but the beans are just part of what sets this coffee apart.

In Indonesia, Kopi Luwak refers to coffee (kopi) and a native animal called the palm civet (luwak). The adorable cat-like creatures love fresh fruit and coffee beans, sniffing out the finest beans in Indonesia and turning them into a meal. After the civets eat and digest the coffee beans, foragers collect them: The beans are washed, dried, sorted and roasted in a process that transforms them from regular coffee beans to one of the most sought-after brews in the world. It’s a labor-intensive Kopi Luwak coffee process that results in an amazing cup of coffee.

The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

One cup of Kopi Luwak coffee, sometimes called civet coffee, can cost upwards of $30; 100 grams retails for $100. Is it worth it? YES! 

Some Kopi Luwak coffee producers raise civets on farms, feeding them an exclusive diet of coffee beans. Removing these beautiful creatures from the wild and limiting their diets to coffee beans takes their toll on the health and wellbeing of the civets. Gayo Kopi commends the animal rights activists who have raised awareness of this cruel process.

All of the beans used in Gayo Kopi were sourced from wild animals. None of their coffee is ever sourced from caged or farmed luwak. Since production is low, the costs are higher but you can enjoy each sip knowing no animals were harmed to make this world class coffee.

To further protect the wild creatures, Gayo Kopi donates a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each bag of its coffee to World Animal Protection, a nonprofit organization that campaigns against the production of cage-sourced Kopi Luwak. A stringent traceability process guarantees that each bean is certified as wild-sourced and includes information about the times and locations the beans were gathered; it’s an effort that makes the world’s rarest coffee even more rare.

A Flavor Experience

One sip of Kopi Luwak coffee makes it clear that the one-of-a-kind process has a major impact on the flavor. As the beans are digested, the bitterness almost disappears and new flavor notes are introduced. The rare specialty coffee has incredible depth of flavor with notes of dark chocolate, toffee, caramel and molasses; hints of star anise are also prominent. The civets thrive on a diet of fresh, exotic fruits that can also be detected in the coffee. Kopi Luwak has a creamy flavor and silky finish. 

Gayo Kopi partners with famers and processors who have intricate knowledge of coffee, a passion for the elaborate process and a devotion to producing the best Kopi Luwak in the world. You’ll taste their commitment to quality in each sip of Gayo Kopi.

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