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Alex Duetto EVO by Izzo

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Dual Boiler espresso machines have long been in use in the best of coffee shops, but only recently have they become the standard for in-home use by the serious home barista. The Alex Duetto Evo not only has the legendary E-61 group but adds dual boilers, advanced temperature control, and flexibility to allow it to function just as you like. The Alex Duetto Evo from Izzo may very well be the last espresso machine you will ever need!

Looking for a Dual Boiler E-61 espresso machine with advanced features? Look no further!

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Features of the Izzo Alex Duetto Dual Boiler Espresso Machine:


The electronic controls of this machine deserve a section of their own. The LCD touch-screen display allows you to easily monitor and adjust the operation of the Alex Duetto Evo. Virtually all aspects of operation are accessible:

  • Coffee brewing counter
  • Shot timer
  • 7-day programmable timer (3 time zones selectable)
  • Automatic boiler refilling
  • Heating priority control. You choose steam boiler or coffee boiler or both.
  • Energy saving mode
  • Maintenance and cleaning alerts
  • Warnings and alarms
  • Customized logo on startup
  • USB connection for driver updates (USB cable included)


- PID CONTROLLED - “PID” is an advanced, digital thermostat that can be programmed to “know” how the espresso machine operates. In the case of the Alex Duetto Evo, it is what turns the heating elements on an off, and since it is programmed specifically to operate the Alex Duetto Evo, it keeps the boilers at the temperatures you choose! It can be set to display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Even the “offset,” (the difference between the displayed temperature of the water hitting the coffee and the actual temperature in the boiler) is adjustable.

- SOLID STATE RELAYS – Most espresso machines use mechanical pressurestats to control the boilers' heating elements. These are prone to wear and require replacement. The Solid State Relays (SSR) not only operate more dependably than pressurestats, they are also silent in operation- no audible “click” when they turn on and off.

- DUAL STAINLESS STEEL BOILERS – Both the brew boiler and the steam/hot water boilers are made from stainless steel. Both boilers are insulated to ensure temperature stability and to save energy- heat the water, not the room.

- STAINLESS STEEL – The cabinet, framework, and even the feet are also stainless steel.

- E-61 Group – The manual lever E-61 brewing group with stainless steel mushroom and stainless steel top cap offers easy operation, simplified maintenance, and dependable performance.

- DUAL PRESSURE GAUGES - The dual analog pressure gauges give you visual access to the brew pressure and the steam/hot water boilers.

- ROTARY PUMP – Rotary pumps are to be found in all commercial machines and in only the best home machines. They offer quiet operation and smooth, “pulseless” pressure delivery. The Alex Duetto Evo's motor is installed over the pump so if a leak develops in the pump the motor will not be damaged.

- EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE BREW PRESSURE – The brew pressure of the rotary pump can be easily accessed and adjusted without having to disassemble the machine!

- BOILER DRAINS – Both boilers have drain plugs so they can be easily emptied for shipping or storage in locations which may present freezing temperatures.

- RESERVOIR – The large 2 liter reservoir under top top cover is easily accessible and can be filled without removing it from the machine.

- LARGE DRIP TRAY – The drip tray has a 32 ounce capacity and it held in place using a magnetic mount. The drip tray can also be plumbed to a drain to eliminate carrying the drip tray across the kitchen.

- PLUMBABLE – Easily switch from reservoir use to direct connection to an external, pressurized water source to eliminate refilling of the reservoir. The selector valve is located behind the drip tray for convenience.

- WANDS – No burn steam wand and no-burn hot water wand. Included are 3 different additional steam wand tips.

- DUAL AMPERAGE CAPABLE – The Izzo Alex Duetto Evo is available for 110VAC 15 amp or 20 amp service.


- 1 precision double insert basket
- 1 58mm Tamper
- 3 additional steam tips
- 1 Cleaning cloth
- 1 Cleaning brush
- 1 single and 1 double portafilter
- 1 back flush disk
- 1 USB Cable
- 1 drain hose to connect to the drip tray
- 1 braided water line for plumbing the machine to an external source


Height - 17.75 inches

Width - 13.5 inches

Depth - 17 inches

Weight - 79 pounds


Amps / Volts - 15 or 20 Amp operational mode. 110 Volts.

Watts - 1200 Watt steam boiler. 800 Watt group boiler

There is much more to this advanced machine than we have listed here. Give 1st In Coffee a call and let us help you decide if this machine can suit your home espresso needs!


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