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Illy India - Single Origin
Whole Bean Coffee

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Illy Monoarabica India - A coffee with a distinctive aroma and unique pungency. The full-bodied flavor is accompanied by intense notes of cacao and toast, leaving a pleasant chocolaty aftertaste and a hint of sweetness.
100% Arabica coffee beans. Single Origin illy India beans sold in 8.8 oz cans.

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It was in the south of the subcontinent, in the Chikmagalur district of the Karnataka region, that coffee first arrived in India about 350 years ago. It is said to have been brought here by Baba Budan, a Sufi monk still revered today by Hindus and Muslims. Despite being surrounded by imposing mountain peaks, the area is mainly hilly, reaching altitudes of 700-1200 m. It has a pleasantly mild climate and luxurious vegetation with a huge variety of animal species including India’s national bird, the peacock, which lives here undisturbed. The region is home to 1500 growers, most of whom have their own smallholdings. Apart from coffee, this land also grows vanilla, pepper, oranges and cardamom, a heady mix of fragrances and aromas enriched with the flavors of many local legends. It is this rich variety that gives the well-known Chikmagalur coffee its unique personality.

TASTE THE COFFEE OF THIS LAND Bold flavor, notes of cocoa and toasted bread In India, coffee grows in the shade of dense vegetation together with pepper, vanilla, cardamom and citrus fruits. This rich variety protects the long-term quality of the environment and the prosperity of the local coffee-growing communities.