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Illy iper Capsules Costa Rica 21 Capsules

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MonoArabica Costa Rica. Enduring flavor, notes of chocolate and fruit In Costa Rica, coffee growing is known for its attention to sustainability. The careful use of water resources helps to preserve the terrain and protect its important biodiversity. 100% Arabica coffee. 21 illy iperespresso Monoarabica capsules per can.

Single-Origin Arabica Coffees - Monoarabica

Brazil. Guatemala. Ethiopia, India, Costa Rica. Escape to far off places that spark the imagination with each sip of new illy MonoArabica coffee. Explore the individual taste and distinct aroma of each single origin Arabica coffee, found in the legendary illy blend, each highlighting the singular style, culture and flavor of these distinctive geographic regions. These sustainably grown coffees, hand selected and expertly roasted by illy, awaken the senses and satisfy your curiosity while offering you a pleasant escape from the ordinary.

Costa Rica Brunca - On the border with Panama, in the south of Costa Rica, is the Brunca region. It is a very diverse area with landscapes ranging from breathtaking coastlines to vast forests, high mountains to the Gulf of Dulce, which takes its name from the mild waters. This is home to the Brunca people, one of the country’s most important indigenous communities. The climate is tropical, but the configuration of the land has created diversities within the region. The plains are warm and the mountains cold, while in the highland areas the winters can be very harsh. The fine Arabica of Brunca is grown in hillside areas where the average temperature is 22°. Coffee is one of the most important crops in this region. Together with other agricultural produce and the fledgling tourist industry, the Costa Rican government is counting on coffee to boost the local economy.

The perfect combination of acidity, sweetness, body and bitterness. Uniquely distinctive notes of chocolate and caramel enhanced by delicate hints of toast, orange, honey and vanilla. Don Hernan has worked with coffee all his life. He watched his parents nurture the plants and beans with care and dedication, and as a boy learned to treat the plants and beans with the same devotion. His relationship with coffee is a special one, almost a vocation handed to him by destiny. But there’s no doubt that the very best coffee he drinks is the one his wife makes for him every morning. Even though he makes it just the same way, using the same colador, he just can’t match it. That little cup contains the perfect flavor, each sip releasing the strength and beauty of the land of Finca Chelita, the sight his eyes feast on every day.

Hernan is a lucky man: he loves his life and his work. He sees growing coffee as a blessing, because it means living in harmony with Nature. This is why everything he does on his plantation is aimed at protecting the land from whatever threatens it - because everything originates from this land, its fruits, and the experience and expertise of the local workers who try to pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. Today, Hernan’s estate still looks as it did when his father left it to him: a green mass of 70 hectares of coffee plants circled by orange and avocado trees. This is how he will leave it to his children, who in turn will pass it on to their own. The most precious legacy that Brunca can leave.

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