Elektra S1
Microcasa Lever Open Box

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Elektra lever espresso machines for the home are special design objects. Their dedicated retrò style attracts the gaze and bestows elegance on the surroundings. The gleaming copper and brass metal on this Elektra Microcasa S1 is the mirror of unrivaled quality. Also, their performance in making quality espresso equals their beauty.

Perfect working condition, but has minor imperfections.


Key Features:

Elektra S1 copper & brass lever espresso machine for the home features a very special design. The dedicated retrò style of manual espresso machines attracts the gaze and bestows elegance on the surroundings. The gleaming finish is the mirror of unrivaled quality. The Electra Microcasa S1's performance in making quality espresso and cappuccino equals its beauty.

Beautiful Design

Exceptional espresso and an awe inspiring design provide the best of two worlds. The polished copper & brass finish combined with Italian retro styling make the Elektra S1 manual espresso machine the center of attention.



Spring Piston Lever Operation

Lever operated, you pull the lever down against a spring piston, which when the lever is released, pushes hot water through the coffee resulting in a consistent, perfect espresso extraction.

Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge shows the steam pressure in the boiler. When the needle is in the green area you are at the optimal time for preparing espresso.

Pressure Gauge

Elektra Boiler

Brass Boiler

With a volume of 1.8 liters, the boiler provides exceptionally dry steam for frothing milk for cappuccino.


  •   Polished copper & brass finish

  •   Black bakelite lever and portafilter handles

  •   Eagle topped brass dome

  •   Sturdy wide round base (10" diameter)

  •   Steam pressure gauge

  •   Water level indicator

  •   Lever / piston operated

  •   1.8 liter brass boiler with 800 watt heating element

  •   Made in Italy

  •   2 Year Warranty

  •   Weighs 22 pounds

  •   Dimensions: 21" high top of lever x 10" wide x 10" deep (18" to top of eagle)

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