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ECM Controvento Double Boiler Espresso Machine

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What if you take everything you would like in an espresso machine, combine it with German design and engineering, and put it in a unique package small enough for home use? You get the ECM Germany Controvento Double Boiler Espresso Machine!

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ECM has produced one of the finest home espresso machines ever available with the ECM Controvento. The ECM Controvento Double Boiler Commercial Espresso Machine combines German Engineering and design with the latest ECM espresso machine technology to offer unprecedented quality and performance. The Controvento is ECM's first double boiler espresso machine.

The unique styling of this ECM espresso machine will stand out in virtually any environment. The soft lines of the E-61 group stand in contrast to the industrial beauty of the stainless case and black side panels, emblazoned with “ECM.” The black and chrome of the controls and the portafilter complete the ECM Controvento's unique design. Even the legs and feet supporting the machine are unique! Need more? The machine's back panel is translucent Lucite with the name “Controvento” illuminated with LED lighting. A stand-out ECM espresso machine from any angle.

There is far more to the ECM Controvento than its unique beauty. Inside rests a high-tech system to allow the best of the coffee to reach your cup. Read the feature list below and we are sure you will agree that the Controvento has all you could hope for in an ECM espresso machine.


DUAL BOILERS – The ECM Controvento features two separate boilers. One .75-liter boiler for steam and hot water, and one 2-liter boiler for brew water only. Both of the ECM espresso machine's boilers are made of stainless steel. Each is wrapped in insulation. Each boiler has dual safety thermostats.

DEDICATED BREW BOILER – The benefits of a separate brew boiler are worth mentioning. A boiler dedicated to the brew boiler means that the boiler only has one job to do. It holds the water that is used to brew espresso and that is all. There is no steam nor extraneous plumbing to interfere with water that can now be held at a temperature to make perfect espresso.

STEAM BOILER – As mentioned, this supplies hot water as well as steam for milk-based beverages. There are times when you just want an espresso and have no need for steam nor hot water. The Controvento features a dedicated switch to turn the steam boiler off, saving electricity. 

INDIVIDUAL PID CONTROL – Each boiler has its own thermocouple to sense the temperature of the water in the boiler. Each boiler has its own separate Gicar control box. Two boilers and two separate control systems. The two systems share a common control interface panel conveniently located on the front of the ECM espresso machine making it easy for the user to monitor and adjust each boiler separately. Not only does a PID give very precise and stable temperature control, it also eliminates the mechanical, less-precise pressurestats which are prone to wear and tend to clutter the inside of a machine with additional pips and wires.

BREW TIME – The PID on the ECM Controvento also displays the brew time for the perfect espresso. 

ROTARY PUMP -  Rotary pumps give a smoother delivery of water to the coffee and are far quieter than vibration pumps. Their design gives such dependable performance that virtually every espresso machine in every coffee shop around the world features a rotary pump system.

PATENTED E-61 GROUP – ECM took the E-61 brew group, redesigned it, and applied for a patent on this improvement in 2010. This style group, with over fifty years of proven performance, delivers dependable performance in the ECM Controvento's simple mechanical design which is easy to maintain.

DUAL WATER SOURCE – You can choose to use the internal reservoir to supply the ECM espresso machine with water, or, using the included plumbing kit, connect it to an external water supply. The external source means no more refilling the reservoir or worry about running out of water in the middle of a session.

RESERVOIR – The reservoir holds approximately three liters of water lessening the frequency needed for refilling. But if you forget to refill it, not to worry. The reservoir features water level monitoring which shuts off the machine, protecting it from damage when the water level is insufficient.

PLUMBABLE DRIP TRAY – The ECM Controvento also comes with the kit to connect the drip tray to a waste drain if you so choose. No more walking across the kitchen with a drip tray full of waste water!

DUAL GAUGES – The pump pressure gauge on this ECM espresso machine monitors the pressure being delivered to the coffee when brewing espresso. This gives an indication as to the resistance the tamped coffee offers to the flow of water. The Steam boiler pressure gauge allows you to keep an eye on the pressure when steaming milk or dispensing hot water from the ECM Controvento.


One single spout portafilter
One dual spout portafilter
One 1-cup filter basket, one 2-cup filter basket, and one blind filter basket
Plumbing connection kit (supply water line hose, drain hose, elbow fitting & nut).
Plastic tamper, plastic coffee scoop, and grouphead cleaning brush,


Measurements: 17.75" H x 22" W x 25" D.
Power: 115 volts
Heating element power: 1 at 1200 W & 1 @ 1400 W
Water reservoir capacity: approx. 3 liters
Brew boiler capacity: approx. 0.75 liters
Hot water boiler: approx. 2 liters
Weight: 88 lbs. (40 kg)

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