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Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive

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Peanut Butter and chocolate, corn dogs and county fairs, and milk and cookies. There are things in life that are just made to go together. Delonghi has added coffee and hot chocolate to that list! The new Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive Espresso Machine can make numerous different espresso drinks customized to your liking and also make Hot Chocolate with the included Hot Chocolate carafe! From its flexible programming to the color LCD display, you'll be enjoying a wide variety of beverages in no time!

Features & Functionality

  • Not Just Coffee, HOT CHOCOLATE TOO! – The Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive comes with a special carafe that is designed for one thing– to make delicious hot chocolate.

  • Color LCD – The digital display lets you know what is happening at a glance. The color icons and messages show your various settings for the beverage settings and displays alert and warning messages. A door ajar? The Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive will let you know!

  • Removable Water Tank– The reservoir holds a generous 48 ounces of water. It is easily seen from the front of the machine and pulls straight out from the front making filling and cleaning an easy task. Great coffee starts with fresh water, and this reservoir makes refreshing the reservoir's supply easy.

  • Large Bean Hopper – Flip open the lid on top of the machine and fill the bean hopper with a half-pound of coffee. Large reservoir and large bean capacity means the family will be enjoying coffee and not refilling the machine.

  • Grinder Adjustment – Under that same lid is the grinder adjustment. You can select from thirteen different settings to fine tune the grind for the best possible espresso.

  • Pre-ground Coffee – If you choose to use pre-ground coffee the Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive has a special hopper to make one cup at a time using pre-ground coffee.

  • Easy To Clean – The “Infuser” (the brewing unit) is very easy to remove as well as clean. It also has an automatic rinse cycle to keep it clean as well as to preheat it for more consistent results.

  • Dual Boilers – Separate heating units for the brewing water and another for the steam generator.

  • One Button Beverages – In a hurry? Don't want to play with the various selectable parameters that can be changed? No Problem! Single buttons on the front of the Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive make it easy to get your beverage right now!

  • Six Different Personal Profiles – Have more than one person who enjoys coffee beverages? There are six profiles that can be programmed for a specific beverage. For each profile you can adjust the following items: the amount of espresso, the amount of milk, the amount of hot water, the brewing temperatures, and even the background color of the display!

  • Programmability adds Automation and Flexibility - The clock and timer function make sure that your Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive is ready in the morning when you are. Five different coffee “tastes,” from extra-mild to Extra-Strong can be easily selected. The size of each beverage can be selected from four pre-set volumes and one that you can program yourself.

  • Hands-On Control – Too much milk being dispensed into your cup? Press a button. Want to stop the water dispensing? Press a button. What to stop the brewing of the coffee right now? Press a button! All operations can be manually stopped at any time.

  • Hard Water Alert – The Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive comes with test strips to test the hardness of your water. You then program the machine so that it “knows” how hard your water is. An alert message will be displayed on the color LCD to alert you when it is time to descale the machine based on that setting.

  • Hot Water And Steam – The combination steam/hot water spigot allows you to make an Americano or a cup of tea. The same wand allows you to steam your milk manually. Pull the steam wand off the front of the machine and that is where the milk carafe attaches.

  • Insulated milk carafe – The milk carafe attaches easily to the front of the machine. It is also insulated to keep the milk cool, and the entire carafe can be kept in the fridge, filled with milk, ready to go when you are. It also auto-cleans! An easy-to-set knob on the milk carafe allows you to select the density of the foam.

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Drip Tray - This tray is more substantial than those found on some commercial-quality espresso machines.

  • Drip Tray and Waste Bin – The drip try which holds waste rinse water and the waste bin which contains the spent coffee pulls out easily as a single unit for dumping and washing.

  • Cup Warmer – Placing your cups on top of the machine will warm them up so they are ready to use.

  • Dimensions: 11.25” Wide x 16” High x 16.5” Deep

There is a lot more to the Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive. Give us a call and let's discuss the amazing features of the Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive!

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