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A Few Words About Pressure Brewed Coffee

crema coffee

Fine espresso and crema coffee share the same principles of preparation. Grinding, tamping, and brewing coffee under high pressure is considered the ideal process to extract the coffee's maximum flavor and aroma according to the majority of coffee experts. The super automatic coffee and espresso centers for sale at 1st in Coffee will always produce espresso or crema coffee with a thick, foamy layer called crema. The crema traps the fine aromatics and the light gaseous flavors that register on the palate. Like a blanket, Cafe Crema machine keeps the flavors in, which would otherwise escape. The high pressure of the coffee pressure brewer and the shorter brewing time prevent the extraction of the bitter oils providing an outstanding cup of coffee. You will always make the absolute freshest and most aromatic cup of coffee. This is why so many fine European restaurants will only serve you freshly made crema coffee.

Kick the Kup

Brewing your coffee in a Jura Automatic Coffee Center is the freshest, the most economical and the most environmentally friendly method of coffee preparation. Unlike other single serve coffee solutions, Jura automatics grind beans fresh for each serving allowing brewing to commence before aroma is lost from your beans. Pre-packaged Kups, Capsules and Pods are filled with coffee which was ground weeks or even months ago. Fresh ground coffee makes a better cup of coffee.

In addition, packaging each serving individually results in tons of unnecessary waste each year. Whole beans coffee usually cost significantly less than single serve coffee, generally more than 50 less.

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