No matter what kind of coffee you’re craving, 1st in Coffee has you covered.

The brewing process determines has a huge impact on the flavor of your coffee. While a fine grind is perfect for espresso; a medium grind makes great drip coffee; coffee brewed in the French press requires coarse grind; and an extra coarse grind is ideal for cold brewing, there is more to master than the best consistency of your coffee beans.

At 1st in Coffee, our goal is to make sure that you brew a great cup of coffee every time. While we sell top notch equipment from brands like Jura, Capresso and Francis Francis and high quality beans from Lavazza, Segafredo and Illy that will help, understanding the finer points of coffee preparation is important, too.

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Preparation is essential for a great cup of coffee. Before you grind beans, measure grounds and add coffee to your machine, make sure that all of your tools, including grinders, filters and coffee makers are clean (hot water, mild detergent and an absorbent towel will do the trick). Letting grounds build up in your machine will eventually make your coffee taste bitter.

Brew the beans as close to the brew time as possible. Choose the grind consistency based on your coffee preference. Make your coffee with filtered or bottled water that is heated to 195 to 205 degrees; temperatures that are too hot or too cold will have a negative impact on the taste of the coffee. Brewing time will depend on the preparation—coffee brewed in a French press needs to steep as little as two minutes while cold brew should steep overnight. If the brew time is too long (called over-extracted) or not long enough (called under-extracted) it can impact the flavor of the coffee. Serve coffee right after brewing to preserve the taste.

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