French Press

French Press

1st in Coffee offers a variety of sizes of Bodum Chambord French Press coffee makers. French press coffee preparation is fast, easy and produces wonderful rich tasting coffee. The Bodum Chambord range of French press machines features the classic French design and is available in a variety of sizes and types, including the new Double Walled French Press model intended to keep your coffee hot longer.

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The French Press method of brewing coffee is popular in many places around the globe for its ease, cleanliness, and wonderful tasting coffee. Know by slightly different names depending on the locale, you may here French Press coffee referred to as plunger press coffee, press pot coffee, or cafetiere coffee; however, no matter the name, this method of brewing is simple and highly culinary.

People have made coffee in many different ways through the years, but two ingredients remain necessary, even for French press coffee makers: hot water and ground coffee. The water should be somewhere around 180 to 200 degrees, and the coffee should be freshly ground. Of course, you can use pre-ground beans, but that kind of takes away from the experience, don’t you think?

When making coffee, it is possible to get a fairly reasonable pot from a drip coffee maker, but it is better to use something that is designed to capture the aroma and flavor more consistently. Espresso, that finely ground coffee puck with heated water forced through, is one way, but there are others. One method is to use French press machines and make your coffee the old fashioned way. It will taste better, and you will become a convert to the world of French press coffee makers.

The main tools for making quality French press coffee are a grinder that makes the appropriately coarse sized grounds, something to make hot water in, and the French press coffee maker. It is as simple as putting the ground coffee into the press, pouring water over the grounds – which should have even coverage, give it a stir – and then letting it steep for four minutes. After it has finished steeping, just depress the coffee plunger on the French press machine slowly and at level to bring the finished product to the top. This is an old method for making a perfect cup of coffee.

The French press coffee makers at 1st in Coffee were selected to provide a broad range so that people can choose the price point and quality of machine they want. The features and the quality of brew depend on both the operator and the type of French press machines. Make sure you buy a coffee plunger that fits your needs.

The carafe can be made from glass, plastic, or metal, and some come double-walled to hold in the heat better. They can come in two styles: the Eileen and the Chambord. Here are some examples:

  • Bodum Eileen  - Bodum is the premier manufacturer of French Press coffee makers, and they generally make the Cambord style, which many prefer. However, this Eileen is perfect for coffee shops of people who want a simple, yet elegantly designed glass carafe.
  • Bodum Chambord 3-cup – this is the smallest version of French press machines Bodum, and it can be seen as a single-serve style. It is perfect for someone who is in a hurry, but wants an excellent cup of coffee.
  • Bodum Columbia Thermal – This is a non-traditional French Press that has a stainless steel carafe. It is designed to maintain the temperature of the coffee for a longer period of time. It is also much more durable than either glass or plastic carafes.
  • Le Creuset Press – This is a stoneware carafe made to be more durable and stylish, and is able to keep heat in longer. It has stainless steel parts for strength and heat retention.
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