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Claris Water Filter

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Claris filter cartridges are specially made for use with older Jura and Capresso super automatic coffee machines. They are made with purely organic materials with no chemical additives. Claris filters provide for better tasting coffee while protecting and extending the life of your coffee machine. The Claris water filter's organic ion exchangers and activated charcoal reduce lime scale deposits, heavy metals and other contaminants, as well as substances such as chlorine which impair the flavor and aroma of coffee.

Claris Water Filter - Model #1 in Blue wrapper
Model #1 is for Capresso C1000 & C3000 & for Jura E70,E75, older S Series, F9, Blue wrapper
Model #2 is for Capresso C1500 / C1300 & Bosch B20 & B30, Red wrapper

All other models use different filters

Gentle to Your Capresso Coffee Center
The Claris Water Filter cartridge was especially developed for use with Capresso Fully Automatic Machines. This cartridge is made from purely organic materials with no chemical additives.

Better Water For the Finest Coffee
The organic ion exchanger and activated charcoal filling greatly reduce calcium deposits, heavy metals and other contaminants. However Fluorides and other substances essential to health remain in the water. The following substances (if present) are filtered out of the water: carbon hardness up to 75 %, chlorine up to 85%, lead up to 90%, copper up to 95%, and aluminum up to 67%.

The Claris Difference
Unlike other water filter systems, Claris water filters for espresso machines use the professional upward current principle. This means only the water drawn by the pump to prepare coffee is filtered just before brewing. This guarantees freshly filtered water every time you make coffee or tea. The filter is placed directly in the water tank.

When To Use The Claris Cartridge
We recommend to use the Claris cartridge for water exceeding 12 grains of water hardness. Ask your local water company how hard your water is in grains (the higher the number the harder the water). Your Capresso Super automatic also comes with a testing stick to determine the water hardness.

How Long Does The Cartridge Last?
Replace the cartridge after approx. 500 uses or latest after two months. The C3000 and C1500/C1300 will actually display a message in the dialog system when its time to replace the cartridge. All details are explained in your instruction manual.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Better tasting coffee.
  • No need to decalcify the Jura / Capresso fully automatic machines. This is especially convenient if the machine is used in offices where it is difficult to insure proper care of the machine.
  • These water filters for espresso machines reduce contaminants and metals.
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