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In 1957 George Bunn invented the first commercial coffee brewer using paper filters, and Bunn innovation has continued to give you the opportunity to enjoy commercial-quality coffee brewing at home. The Bunn NHSB combines legendary Bunn brewing system with contemporary styling for good looks and great coffee. Legendary Bunn Performance on your kitchen counter! If you are ready for coffee, the Bunn NHSB is ready to deliver!

Performance and legendary quality are what the Bunn NHSB home coffee brewer is all about. The Bunn NHSB can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in just three to four minutes. The unique Bunn water reservoir keeps water hot and always ready to brew a pot of piping hot coffee. Combined with modern styling, it is sure to look good on your kitchen counter.

The Bunn NHSB Home & Office Coffee Brewer Makes Brewing Fast and Easy:

The Bunn NHSB Home and Office Coffee Brewer is designed to be ready when you are. The internal, stainless steel water tank keeps the water hot at all times. Thermostats ensure that the water is at the correct temperature as well as providing safety in case of an overheating situation.

The design of the Bunn NHSB makes it easy to brew 4 to 10 cups of coffee (20 to 50 ounces) at a moments notice. Bunn did all the work so your part is easy:

  • Insert a Bunn paper filter into the funnel (basket)
  • Place the desired amount of ground coffee into the paper filter (1 to 2 tablespoons of drip-grind coffee for each cup of coffee)
  • Slide the funnel basket into place
  • Slide the reservoir lid open and pour the desired amount of water into the top of the NHSB.
  • Place the carafe into position under the funnel
  • Finally, close the reservoir lid and the brew cycle begins

Cold water then goes in, hot water is displaced and flows through the coffee, and in around three to four minutes you will have a delicious pot of coffee waiting for you!

Simple and Dependable By Design

Simple and quick operation is the key with the Bunn NHSB. Bunn has designed the NHSB to do all the work for you:

  • There are no timers or clocks.
  • No complicated switches or settings
  • No noisy pumps or solenoids

The Bunn NHSB Coffee Brewers have only two switches. One controls the hot plate which will keep your coffee warm in the glass carafe. This switch is conveniently located right on the front of the machine and is illuminated when on. The other switch, located on the back of the machine, is called the Vacation Switch. It cuts power to the entire machine. Using this option is recommended if you are going to be away (“on vacation”) or will not be making use of the machine for three or more days.

Designed for Great Coffee From Beginning to End

Simple, dependable, and fast are all great, but this is about coffee, after all. There are three important factors in the Bunn design that help deliver excellent coffee:

  • The Bunn NHSB heating system delivers water from the boiler to the filter basket through a short path that is designed to deliver water right around 200 F. Proper temperature control is critical for the best possible coffee and the Bunn design has been doing this for decades.
  • How fast the water flows into the bed of coffee is important and this is controlled by the size of the water-carrying internal plumbing as well as the spray head that distributes the water over the coffee. If you find that the water flows too quickly for your situation (soft water, decaf coffee, etc.), Bunn will send you, free of charge, a replacement spray head designed to slow the flow of water. Just call and ask! Just another example of Bunn's legendary customer service!
  • The design of the spray head not only helps regulate the flow of water but just as important, it agitates the coffee and evenly wets the coffee for an even and thorough extraction. There is lots of flavor in the coffee, and the Bunn NHSB helps you put that flavor into your cup.

Made to Last!

You won't be replacing the Bunn NHSB every year or two as with lesser, department store brewers. Bunn Quality is apparent throughout:

  • Stainless Steel Boiler assures long life and easy descaling when necessary. A clean boiler is also an important factor in making the best coffee possible.
  • Porcelain Hot Plate is easy to keep clean
  • High quality, glossy plastic outer housing in your choice of black or white. Along with the stainless outer covering over the water tank, the Bunn NHSB is sure to look good on your counter

Bunn is so sure that you will be receiving a quality product that they back their Bunn NHSB Coffee Brewer with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY on parts and labor.


Bunn Is There When You Need Them

Bunn service and support is there to help you make better coffee. If you ever need assistance, warranty support, require spare parts, or just have a question, Bunn is there. All Bunn products include unlimited, toll-free technical support at 1-800-352-2866.


As with any fine appliance, set up is important. Your Bunn coffee brewer includes an excellent manual which documents the set up and use of the NHSB as well as brewing tips and a troubleshooting guide. Since the Bunn brewers are unique in their simple operation, be sure to follow the few steps required to get started.

IMPORTANT: The Bunn NHSB arrives without water in the boiler. BEFOR PLUGGING THE NHSB INTO A POWER OUTLET it is critical to follow the setup instructions in the manual which documents how to easily fill the boiler. Failure to do so can damage the brewer and this damage is not covered by the warranty.


The advanced spray head and water path to the spray head requires occasional cleaning to prevent lime build up in the screen. Bunn includes a clever device for cleaning, which resembles a long slender spring. Simply unscrew the sprayhead (no tool is necessary for this), and run the cleaning tool in and out of the sprayhead tube a few times. Detailed instructions on how to use it are included in the owners manual. Also included is a complimentary supply of Bunn fluted coffee filters.

Product Specifications:  

  • Colors: Black with stainless steel
  • Carafe Size: 50 ounces – made of shatter resistant glass
  • Power: 800 watts for the water heater, 900 watts total
  • Volts: 120
  • Amps: 7.5
  • Size: 13.5"H x 8.5"W x 11.25"D
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Body Material: Molded plastic
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and labor
  • Support: Unlimited toll free technical support
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