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Behmor Brazen Plus

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The “Gold Standard” against which all other drip brewers should be judged.

The most advanced home drip brewer available today! Beyond the modern styling and its black and stainless good looks, Behmor has incorporated the latest technology and created a drip brewer with features against which no other home coffee maker can compete. The Behmore Brazen Plus brew system was the first to be SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Certified for brewing quality based on specialty coffee industry standards under their newest testing procedures.

The list of features is impressive, but not as impressive as the coffee it makes:

Programmable Temperature – You can easily select the desired brewing temperature using the easy-to-read digital screen. Adjustable in one degree Fahrenheit steps from 190 to 210 degrees. The Brazen Plus can also be set to display in centigrade as well.

Repeatability – Consistency is the key to good coffee and you can be assured of the proper temperature each time because water is not released onto the coffee until the programmed temperature is achieved. The power to the hidden heating element is electronically controlled and power is automatically lowered as the desired temperature is approached to eliminate overshoot. The current temperature in the stainless steel reservoir is displayed on the LCD screen.

Programmable Pre-soak – Wetting the coffee before the actual brew process will result is fuller, more even extraction. When using fresh coffee this also helps limit or avoid the “bloom” that can disrupt the bed of coffee. You can choose a pre-soak time from 15 seconds to 4 minutes.

Programmable Altitude – Yes, Altitude! Water boils at a lower temperature as you rise above sea level. No other brewer available for home use has the ability to be set for the altitude.

System Calibration – After entering the altitude for your location, fill the reservoir to the “Calibration” line and start the calibration function. The Brazen Plus will boil the water and hold it there for a short time. This not only allows it to “learn” how your altitude affects the boiling point but also compensates for drift of the electronics over time. Repeat this occasionally and the Brazen Plus will give consistent performance for years to come. Behmor is so sure of this brewer that it comes with a two year warranty!

Pulsed Brewing – Instead of flooding all the water onto the coffee at one time like lesser brewers, the Brazen Plus pulses the water, stopping it at intervals during the brew cycle to allow the water to brew through before releasing the water again. This repeats until all the water has been released.

Advanced-Design Shower head – The wide pattern shower head fully saturates the coffee for even and thorough extraction all across the filter basket.

Reservoir – It starts with the stainless steel water reservoir. Remove the large top lid and pour in the desired amount of water. Levels are clearly stamped into the reservoir so you do not have to pre-measure. You will consistently use the desired amount of water for the proper water:coffee ratio.

Thermal Carafe – The carafe features a “brew through” lid that allows the coffee to go directly into the carafe, virtually undisturbed. This helps to retain heat as well as flavor. The carafe will keep the coffee while the exterior remains cool to the touch!

Permanent Filter Basket – it included permanent “gold mesh” filter basket can be used, or if you wish, remove the permanent basket and use standard, flat-bottom 10 cup paper filters. All the plastic used in the Brazen Plus is BPA free.

Manual Release – Want to brew in your own pour-over device (like a Chemex)? The Behmore Brazen Plus brew system allows you to remove the filter basket and carafe and using the controls on the front of the machine, release water directly into your own brewing device.

Clock and Timer – Want coffee to be ready when you wake up? The brew timer can be set for a brew time of your choice. Prepare the Brazen Plus by putting the coffee in the basket and filling the reservoir to the proper level, and the machine will have your coffee brewed and waiting.

Sleep Mode – The Brazen Plus automatically goes into sleep mode the save power when not in use.

Memory Save – If the power goes out all programmed functions are saved in memory. Just reset the clock (if you are using the programmed brew start timer) and you are ready to brew!

The Brazen Plus comes with everything you need, including a comprehensive owners manual. Just add water, coffee, and a cup. Start enjoying precision brewed coffee in your home today!

Features of the Behmore Brazen coffee maker at a Glance

  • Capacity: 1.2Liter, 40oz, Eight 5oz cups

  • Temperature Control: Set brewing temperature from 190F-210F(88C-99C)

  • Programmable Brew Start Time: Wake up to coffee with timed brew setting

  • Ideal Coffee Extraction: Coffee grounds are fully saturated due to oversized shower head and pulsing of the water flow.

  • SCAA Certified for brewing quality based on specialty coffee industry standards (Specialty Coffee Association of America)

  • Elevation calibration: Adjust your brew temperature based on elevation to achieve a hot cup of coffee regardless of how far above sea level.

  • Thermal carafe with brew through lid keeps coffee hot

  • Pre-soak setting allows the coffee to bloom before brewing for better flavor

  • Stainless steel water reservoir that’s easy to fill

  • Permanent filter included or use paper filters

  • Memory save: Settings remain, even if the power goes out.

  • Sleep mode: Saves power when not in use

  • BPA Free

  • Rated 1400w/ 120v/ 60hz

  • 2 year warranty

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