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Kimbo Espresso Coffee

Roasted in Italy in the Neapolitan tradition, Kimbo Espresso Coffee always delivers a distinct full-bodied taste. A little cup of Kimbo coffee: a moment of intense pleasure, the end product of a long and fascinating journey. A journey that starts in the plantations of the producer countries to select the best varieties of coffee and ends in Naples at the Caffè Kimbo plant where, with the use of cutting edge technology, the selected varieties are roasted following the old Neapolitan tradition and expertly blended into Kimbo espresso beans. Here the sweet flavor of Brazilian coffees meets with the delicacy of Colombian coffees, the spicy fragrance of Indian coffees, the full body of African Robusta or the marked acidity of the coffees from Costa Rica and Guatemala. These are the flavors and aromas researched by Caffè Kimbo to offer its consumers much more than a simple drink but to provide the flavor of premium Kimbo coffee and Kimbo espresso beans.

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  1. Kimbo Espresso Antica 8.8 oz. Brick

    Kimbo Espresso <br />Antica Tradizione 8.8 oz. Brick


    A medium dark roast of quality coffee with the exquisite traditional Neapolitan taste renowned the world over. Intense and persistent, the Kimbo blend has been a favorite in Naples for 50 years.

    Vacuum packed 8.8 oz. ground Kimbo coffee brick suitable for all coffee makers.

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  2. Kimbo Espresso Bar - Extra Cream

    Kimbo Extra Cream<br />1 Kilo Beans


    Kimbo Espresso Bar - Extra Cream is a blend of top rated coffee, blended to create a pleasurable and aromatic espresso. Kimbo coffee is known all over the world for its unmistakable flavor. 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) espresso coffee beans.

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  3. Kimbo Espresso Bar - Prestige

    Kimbo Prestige<br />1 Kilo Beans


    Soft flavor. 100% Arabica coffees expertly blended for their different taste profiles. The result of careful processing and a precise degree of roasting, Kimbo Prestige is a premium blend with a delicate flavor, the expression of love in coffee.

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  4. Kimbo Napoletano 8.8 oz. Whole Bean

    Kimbo Napoletano<br />8.8 oz. Whole Bean


    Well balanced and persistent. Kimbo Napoletano is as good as coffee at a bar in Naples. It offers intense flavors and long lasting crema. Sold in 8.8 oz. bags. Whole Bean coffee suitable for any coffee preparation.

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  5. Kimbo Aroma Gold 8.8 oz. can

    Kimbo Aroma Gold<br />8.8 oz. can


    A very nice blend of exceptional 100% Arabica Coffee from Central and South America. Delicate and Smooth. Kimbo Aroma Gold Espresso is sold in 8.8 oz. cans.

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  6. Kimbo White 8.8 oz. ground coffee

    Kimbo White Coffee<br /> 8.8 oz. can

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    SALE: $6.99

    A blend of the finest Brazilian coffees roasted in the Neapolitan tradition to give the distinct full bodied taste. Medium grind for stove top espresso or drip coffee makers.

    8.8 oz. ground coffee per can

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