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Jura Giga 5

Product ID: 13623

Featuring two burr grinders and two heating systems, the Jura Giga 5 can produce two coffee specialty drinks at once, providing an unprecedented range of specialty drinks and fulfilling the coffee lover’s every dream. The GIGA 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection in the espresso coffee machine market. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards and quality.

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Free shipping on orders over $50

Free shipping on orders over $50

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Perfection, Precision, Professionalism
With the power of two grinders and two heating systems, the machine produces two coffee specialty drinks at once, providing an unprecedented range of specialty drinks and fulfilling the coffee lover’s every dream. The Jura GIGA 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection in the espresso coffee machine market. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards.

• Two ceramic disc grinders are fast and quiet as a whisper
• Make 1 or 2 drinks at a time
• 18 individually programmable specialty coffees
• Create your specialty coffee in no time thanks to a TFT display with Rotary Selection
• Pure, clean lines for a unique, sovereign character

Details of the Jura Giga 5:

    • Fastest and quietest Jura Automatic Coffee Center.
    • Color TFT display with rotary selection and easy to identify drink selection buttons.
    • 2 Professional grade electronically adjustable ceramic burr grinders
    • Two 9 oz. bean hoppers with aroma preservation seal.
    • You choose which beans to use or choose a mix, Half regular Half decaf, No problem.
    • High performance pump rated to produce 15 bars of pressure.
    • Dual HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE SPOUT - The height-adjustable spout accommodates a variety of cup sizes
    • 18 individually programmable specialty coffees. Choose from 5 strengths ( 5 to 16 grams) and 3 brewing temperatures.
    • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.
    • Electronic ventilation system expels warm air and draws fresh air in.
    • Clearyl water filtration system eliminates chlorine taste and the need to decalcify.
    • Dual stainless steel thermoblock heating systems with intelligent pre-heating feature which ensures each cup is the perfect temperature.
    • Automatic ground coffee funnel let you use ground coffee instead of beans.
    • Auto-shutoff, Zero Energy Button and Energy Save Standby Mode make saving electricity easy.
    • 87 oz. removable water tank.
    • 20 oz. thermal milk container
    • 1250 Watts, 120 Volts
    • 39.3 Pounds - 16.3" high x 12.6" wide x 19.6" deep
    • 2 year warranty

Key features of the Jura Giga 5:

2 Professional Ceramic Disc Grinders
To extract the aromas from the coffee and channel them into the cup, the fresh, roasted coffee beans are first carefully ground. Two high-performance grinders made from virtually wear-free ceramic, guarantee quick, precise, even and consistent grinding. Because it is not possible to manually adjust the grind during the short grinding process, the GIGA's electronically controlled motors are responsible for this.

Jura Giga 5

Color TFT Display and Rotary Dial
The Thin Film Transistor display with rotary dial allows for quick and intuitive access to all of the GIGA 5's features.

Jura Giga 5

Variable Dual Spout with 4 outlets
The dual spout dispenses the liquid into the cup and can be height & width adjusted. From 2.75" to 6.25" high and from .78" to 2" wide. When you make a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses hot milk into the glasses, followed immediately by milk foam and finally coffee. The patented multi-chamber system froths the milk to professional barista quality standards. This revolutionary fine foam technology creates a finely textured milk foam with long lasting consistency.

Jura Giga 5

Barista Specialities
Now you can become a professional barista in a flash. The recipes for 12 imaginative coffee creations are selected with the Rotary Switch. The GIGA 5 uses images and text to clearly guide you through all the drink preparation stages. Go, treat yourself and your guests to a Marocchino, Pepresso, White Cool, flavored latte macchiato, Irish coffee, Caffe Melange, Viennese coffee, Winter magic coffee, Shakerato, Mango Lassi, Red Cool or Summer Fire. A truly pleasurable experience for pampered palates, and a treat for your eyes as well.

Additional Information

Color Polished Aluminum
Milk Frothing One Touch
Built in grinder Two
Country of Origin Switzerland

Product Video:

Customer Reviews

By: Smithd925
August 28, 2015

Good website! I truly love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I'm wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a great day!

Best machine yet
By: winterguy
July 21, 2015

I've owned this machine for almost two years now; I was the first person in my city to buy one. I love the cup warmer, as I have it programmed to turn on one hour before the machine turns on in the morning, so that my cups are always warmed and ready for another excellent latte macchiato. The benefit of this machine over others, is the ability to customize your drink, whether the amount of foam, steamed milk and or espresso, as well as brew strength, and temperature of the fluid. You can even choose between decaf and regular strength with a the push of a button! Once I programmed the size of my cups to the machine, it makes the same awesome latte each and every time, without ever having too much foam spill over the cup. Also, you should know that if you or your guests ever want just a plain brewed cup of coffee, this machine comes through every time, with an excellent cup, that leaves a small amount of crema on top. All of my guests are awed by this! Yes, this machine is expensive, and yes the owners manual is as thick as a encyclopedia, however, like expensive cars, this machine allows you to customize most everything you could ever want in a cup of good coffee. It is worth taking the time to check out. As a final note, I'm bummed when I travel and have to be without my excellent, never burned, always perfect cups of coffee that this machine puts out for me.

Best. Get what you pay for.
By: Sara
February 25, 2015

True quality machine system. Not perceived quality in many ther units. Intuitive system that is simple le to use and a joy to make excellent coffe drinks/espresso. Kudos again to Jura.

If I could talk to myself one year ago, I'd tell me to not hesitate like I did for over a month and buy it.
By: F Alemany MD
June 6, 2014

I bought this machine back in April 2013. I've used it almost daily now for over one year. I've had better cappuccino's and coffees than in almost any high end restaurant with it. I never leave it on after I'm done coffee making and I think this has lead to an almost flawless ownership. I did have some milk frothing issues, but they where resolved by cleaning the system, It is so simple to use than even my guests can operate it with out me having to provide supervision or guidance. Very good quality grinding of my select beans and I enjoy the coffee it produces more now than the system it re[laced where I had to grind the beans separately and then transfer to the brewing cup. I never get a "burnt" taste that happens when the beans over heat during the grinding process I used to experience before. The milk cooler keeps almost a quart of milk at the ready and I usually clean it once a week. After power outages I do have to manually re-turn it on, but that is really a none issue. The only component that I don't use regularly is the cup warmer. Still, it gets used for Espresso shots. If I could talk to myself one year ago, I'd tell me to not hesitate like I did for over a month and buy it.

Coffee Perfection, but for a Price!
By: Dmaislin
January 24, 2014

Lives up to the hype. Maintenance of the milk attachment is a bit complex. I would hate to drop a little rubber part down the sink and it takes a bit of learning and tme to remember how to put it back together. I wish this thing had the Internet connection kit and an app to go with it. For the price it should have. The temperature settings would be more than just low, medium, or hot and should list in degrees F/C. Amount of milk and froth are displayed in seconds vs. ounces or other unit. I thought that was odd. It shoul not only list the amount of coffee in units, but everything when you make a latte. It would be nice to know the amount of calories per serving too. The color schemes are nice, but add a USB option and turn that screen into a photo frame and after a bit, go to screensaver mode so the menu is not displayed and just the scheme shows up. Make user define able settings so at the push of a button I can get my preferred coffee options. Finally, I wish they had a flavored syrup dispenser option for a mocha or caramel macchiato or latte since it does have the barista fancy recipes.

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