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  1. Illy Caffe - Whole Bean  - Medium Roast - Case of 6

    Illy Caffe - Whole Bean <br />Medium Roast - Case of 6


    illy classico whole bean espresso, medium roast coffee, is perhaps the perfect espresso blend. Whole bean illy espresso coffee can be ground for any type of coffee preparation: espresso, drip or French press. 100% Arabica coffee. Six 8.8 oz. cans per case. Be sure to check out dark roast illy whole bean espresso.

    New can design, same great espresso coffee beans

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  2. Segafredo Massimo Whole Bean 2.2 pounds

    Segafredo Massimo <br />Whole Bean 2.2 pounds


    From Bologna Italy, Segafredo Massimo espresso coffee is a blend of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta beans. This Italian Arabica coffee provides a smooth, creamy espresso with hints of chocolate. Massimo's massive body and great flavor is sure to please. Segafredo is the largest espresso coffee roaster in the world.
    1 Kilo bag. (2.2 pounds) whole bean.

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  3. Lavazza whole bean sampler - Top sellers

    Lavazza whole bean sampler <br /p> Top sellers


    The Lavazza sampler includes three 2.2 pound bags: Super Crema, Grand Espresso and Top Class.

    A collection of the best selling Lavazza blends.

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  4. Lavazza whole bean sampler - Premium Blends

    Lavazza whole bean sampler - Premium Blends


    Three 2.2 pound bags: Gold Selection, Gran Riserva and Tierra! Selection.

    A collection of the premium Lavazza blends.

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  5. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean - 2.2 lbs per bag

    Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean <br /> 2.2 lbs per bag


    "Honey  and dried fruit"
    Lavazza whole bean espresso has the perfect blend for those who want a traditional espresso coffee that has a full, rich taste without any bitterness. Lavazza Super Crema is a blend of coffee from Brazil, India, Columbia and Indonesia. Characteristics include persistent aroma and honey and almond flavors, as well as an easily attainable thick, compact crema. Super Crema is our top selling Lavazza coffee.
    1 Kilo, 2.2 pounds of Lavazza whole bean coffee per bag.

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    Kopi Luwak coffee is not just another cup of coffee. The process that transforms ordinary Arabica coffee beans into a roast that is hailed as one of the most unique—and most expensive—in the world, only happens in Southeast Asia. Gayo Kopi embraces an elaborate 10-step process to produce the finest Kopi Luwak coffee in the world. Order a package of this rare coffee and discover why Hollywood superstar Jack Nicholson included it on his “Bucket List” in the 2007 blockbuster film. 100 grams of whole bean Kopi Luwak coffee.

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