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Refurbished Espresso Machines & Coffee Machines

Refurbished machines can represent great savings. Some are over $1000 less than a new model. And all carry a full one year warranty! They have all been factory refurbished and tested to be in perfect working order, just as you would expect from a new machine. 1st in Coffee has the most complete selection of factory refurbished Jura automatic coffee centers.

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  1. Refurbished Jura Cool Control 34 oz

    Refurbished Jura Cool Control <br />34 oz with Milk Level

    WAS: $299.00

    SALE: $249.00

    The Refurbished Jura "Cool Control" 34 oz. milk cooler is best way to keep milk cold all day while remaining available for use in your Jura automatic coffee center. Keeps milk at the proper temperature for just pennies a day. Always fresh, never frozen. This Jura milk cooler now comes with handy milk level indicator.

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  2. Vitrifrigo 1 Gallon Milk Cooler with Digital Thermometer Open Box

    Vitrifrigo 1 Gallon Milk Cooler <br />with Digital Thermometer Open Box

    WAS: $829.00

    SALE: $699.00

    Designed to be used with professional machines, the 1 Gallon Vitrifrigo Milk Cooler for coffee machines carries out the important task of keeping milk at an ideal and constant temperature. This coffee machine milk cooler model features a digital thermometer for perfect temperature control. Fresh milk for the best tasting latte and cappuccino.

    Tested fine, Open Box, Minor imperfections in housing

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  3. Refurbished Jura Z6 Black

    Refurbished <br />Jura Z6 Black

    WAS: $3,699.00

    SALE: $2,199.00

    The Refurbished Jura Z6 is the next generation specialty coffee machine. The Refurbished Jura Z6 black is the next generation specialty coffee machine. The new Aroma G3 grinder preserves the aroma while grinding to the optimal fineness (in less time and with less noise than ever before) and uses a new Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) that optimizes extraction time by pressing water through the ground coffee in short bursts. You can taste the difference when you use the Jura Z6 coffee machine.The Jura Z6 is Bluetooth compatible (with Jura Smart Connect purchased seperately) providing advanced control through the Jura App, J.O.E. 

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  4. Refurbished Jura Giga 5 Black

    Refurbished Jura<br /> Giga 5 Black

    WAS: $5,599.00

    SALE: $3,699.00

    With the power of two grinders and two heating systems, the automatic espresso machine produces two coffee specialty drinks at once, providing an unprecedented range of specialty drinks and fulfilling the coffee lover’s every dream. The Jura GIGA 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection in the espresso coffee machine market. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards.

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  5. Jura Frother

    Refurbished Jura <br />Automatic Milk Frother

    WAS: $99.99

    SALE: $59.99

    Push a button and get perfectly frothed milk every time with the Refurbished Jura Automatic Milk Frother. The advanced magnetic drive means easy cleaning and no leaks! You can use it to make warm or hot milk as well as hot, frothed milk. Once button control makes it easy to use as well, and with the Jura name, you know you are getting a quality appliance. It will heat up to 12 ounces of milk, or froth up to 8 ounces of milk. And at less than five inches wide it can be placed just about anywhere on the counter. Save 1/3 on the Refurbished Jura Automatic Milk Frother and it comes with a one year warranty. Perfectly frothed milk is a button-press away!

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  6. Refurbished Jura Impressa C60

    Refurbished Jura<br />Impressa C60

    WAS: $999.00

    SALE: $799.00

    Simple and powerful defines the Jura C60. The rotary switch and plain text display simplifies the brewing process: With the touch of a button, you can brew a perfect cup of coffee. The fine foam technology adds light milk foam to top off a cup cappuccino or a latte, giving you professional quality specialty coffee at home using this Jura Impressa coffee maker.

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  7. Refurbished Jura Z9 One Touch TFT

    Refurbished Jura Z9<br /> One Touch TFT

    WAS: $3,999.00

    SALE: $1,999.00

    The Refurbished Jura Z9 One Touch defines sophistication. The newest automatic coffee center from Jura was created with bold new technologies: The Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display combines color, text and graphics to improve the user experience and the Aroma+ grinder that can grind fresh beans in record time. Thanks to award-winning design and premium materials, making the perfect cup of specialty coffee has never been easier with this used Impressa Z9.

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  8. Refurbished Jura S9 One Touch Classic

    Refurbished Jura S9 <br />One Touch Classic

    WAS: $1,999.00

    SALE: $1,299.00

    The Refurbished Jura S9 One Touch Classic is the most advanced and versatile version yet. One Touch Technology lets you make cappuccino, cafe mocha, latte or latte macchiato with a single touch of a button without moving your cup. It can also grind, tamp and brew 1 or 2 espresso or crema coffee in less than a minute.

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1st in Coffee offers refurbished machines from some of our most popular manufacturers, including a complete selection of refurbished Jura automatic coffee centers.

Purchasing a refurbished machine is a chance for coffee lovers on a budget to own amazing machines at a fraction of the cost of new models—some of our refurbished commercial espresso machines cost up to $1,000 less than new models.

All of our refurbished machines have been factory restored and tested to be in perfect working order and each one comes with a full one-year warranty.