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Decaf Coffee Supplies

Decaf coffee beans allow you to enjoy the great taste of coffee without the effects of caffeine. We offer everything from pods to whole bean decaf coffee packages. Browse decaf coffee online at 1st in Coffee from your favorite brands like illy, Lavazza, and more.

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  1. Illy Caffe - Whole Bean Espresso - Decaf

    Illy Caffe - Whole Bean<br />Decaf Espresso


    illy whole bean, decaf espresso coffee, perhaps the perfect espresso blend. 100% decaf Arabica coffee. Six 8.8 oz. cans per case.

    New can design, same great illy caffe espresso beans

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  2. Lavazza Decaf Espresso 8 oz. can

    Lavazza Decaf Espresso<br />8 oz. can


    This Lavazza decaf coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of top quality washed coffee varieties from Central America and natural Arabica beans from Brazil. The caffeine has been removed by the gentle water-process method, which maintains the coffee’s full, rich flavor. 8 oz coffee tin.

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  3. Lavazza Dek pods

    Lavazza Decaffeinato Pods <br /> Box of 18


    Lavazza pods are for use in all ESE pod compatible espresso machines.
    These Lavazza Dek Decaf espresso pods are not for Lavazza Espresso Point System.

    Box of 18 individually wrapped decaf espresso pods.

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  4. Illy iper Capsules Decaf - 21 Capsules

    Illy iper Capsules Decaf <br /> 21 Capsules


    illy decaf espresso coffee, is a classic blend of coffee from around the world. 100% Arabica coffee. 21 iper capsules per can. Decaf IperEspresso compatible capsules are for use in iperEspresso machines only.

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  5. Illy Fine Grind - Medium Roast - Decaf - Case of 6

    Illy Fine Grind - Medium Roast - Decaf - Case of 6


    Fine Grind, illy decaf espresso coffee, perhaps the perfect espresso blend. 100% Arabica coffee. Six 8.8 oz. cans of decaffeinated espresso per case.

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  6. illy Decaf Espresso Pods - Box of 18

    Illy Decaf Espresso Pods<br />Box of 18


    All the great illy espresso taste without the caffeine. illy espresso pods (decaf) are designed for ESE compatible pod espresso machines. Each Box of 18 illy ese espresso pods now contain pods that are individually wrapped. ESE capsules stay fresh for up to two years.

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  7. Lavazza Dek - Decaf Whole Bean

    Lavazza Dek -<br /> Decaf Whole Bean 1 Pound


    Lavazza Dek decaffeinated whole bean espresso coffee offers a well-balanced blend from Central America. It has a full-bodied, long-lasting flavor. For those who want to bypass caffeine without giving up delicious Italian coffee without a bitter aftertaste, this is the blend for you.
    Lavazza Dek Decaf Whole Bean Espresso comes in a 1 pound bag

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  8. Decaf Marlboro Hills Espresso Blend

    Decaf Marlboro Hills <br />12 oz. Whole Bean Espresso

    WAS: $9.99

    SALE: $8.99

    Our Signature espresso blend was developed by 1st in Coffee in conjunction with Master Coffee Roaster George Schneider. Our decaf espresso is roasted in small batches several times per week, as a result you will enjoy the freshest tasting espresso available.

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  9. Colombia  - Sugar Cane Decaf

    Colombia - Sugar Cane Decaf<br />12 oz. Whole Bean

    Was: $11.99

    Sale: $10.99

    Colombian Coffees are commonly known to be big, rich, chocolaty coffees with exceptional fragrance and often great acidity. Colombia has many diverse growing regions, so the coffee varies mildly from region to region. Tropical fruit, vanilla, caramel, and chocolate are common adjectives. This Colombian Arabica coffee is naturally decaffeinated.

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  10. Illy K-Cups - Decaf

    Illy K-Cups<br /> Decaf


    Enjoy the extraordinary taste of illy in a single serve Decaf K-Cup. Illy's Decaf coffee is now available for use in Keurig K-Cup brewers.

    10 Decaf K-Cups per box.

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