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Espresso Grinders

Top quality espresso coffee grinders not only grind fine, they grind coffee consistently and can be adjusted with precision.

A great cup of espresso always begins with a quality coffee grinder designed for espresso. Fresh coffee grounds are a definite must for a cup of espresso and the only way to do this is to make sure coffee grinders for espresso are made to produce quality grounds, because consistency, texture and size is all what makes a great cup. If you're not sure which type of grinder you need then check out our coffee grinder guide.

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  1. Rancilio Rocky

    Rancilio Rocky <br />Espresso Grinder with Doser


    The Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is an excellent home espresso grinder, Rocky will serve your needs for years to come. A perfect match for the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine, the Rocky features commercial quality design and construction, and will produce a perfectly consistent fine grind.

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  2. Mazzer Super Jolly Commercial Espresso Grinder

    Mazzer Super Jolly<br /> Espresso Grinder


    Mazzer Super Jolly Commercial Espresso Grinder features stepless grind adjustment and a timer to control how much coffee is ground.

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  3. Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder

    Mazzer Mini <br />Espresso Grinder


    Mazzer espresso grinders are perhaps the most respected brand of commercial quality espresso grinders available. The Mazzer Mini coffee grinder is the ideal choice for the small restaurant, sophisticated office or espresso enthusiast's home. Built to last with only top quality materials the Mazzer Mini is also feature rich, capable of producing consistent coffee grinds for any purpose.

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  4. La Pavoni Zip Commercial Espresso Grinder

    La Pavoni Zip<br /p> Commercial Espresso Grinder


    The La Pavoni ZIP grinder is a semi-automatic coffee dosing grinder with ON and OFF switch. Structure in die-cast anodized aluminum. Motor equipped with a thermal shield with class F insulation, fitted with tempered steel flat milled grinders.

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  5. Compak K3 Elite Coffee Grinder

    Compak K3 Elite <br />Coffee Grinder


    Featuring precision dosing, the Compak K-3 Elite coffee grinder is the perfect choice for small batch, perfectly ground coffee. Black or elegant Polished Aluminum housing.

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  6. Compak K8 Espresso Grinder

    Compak K8 <br />Espresso Grinder


    Designed for volume and optimum quality, the Compak K8 grinder is for locations with high coffee consumption. Learn more about this industrial coffee bean grinder here, or contact us for more information.

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Whether you are a coffee amateur or a grandiose coffee maker who has been grinding, mixing and pouring dozens of cups every day, the first step is to have a coffee grinder for espresso. The second step is to have fresh coffee beans. And the third step would be to have passion for coffee.

At 1st in Coffee, we have stocks of entry-level espresso coffee grinders to state-of-the-art precision espresso coffee grinders. With a wide range of burr grinders with either conical of flat burrs, coffee enthusiasts will be spoiled with choices.

To start with what 1st in Coffee has to offer, let’s look at lower priced coffee grinders for espresso. Grinders that are moderately priced are a great start-up tool to coffee making. Despite retailing at only $299, this grinder does not compromise on quality. The Baratza Preciso coffee grinder is a great way to kick-start your passion in coffee making. If you are new to processing a cup of coffee, this is the ideal weapon to choose. This grinder has 32mm commercial-grade conical burrs with 40 macro settings, enabling a user to choose from fine for Espresso to coarse for French Press. Powered with a 6.0 amp motor, the Baratza Preciso grinder is powerful yet operates quietly. The Preciso is known for its enhanced anti-static design- this reduces the messy coffee dust that is usually seen in competitor products.

The Compak K3 Touch Advanced Coffee Grinder is just that- for advanced users. This is the perfect machine to invest in if you already have a better understanding of the coffee making process, experimented with beans, grinders and accessories. You are here to upgrade not only your machine, but your drinking experience. The K3 is designed to execute small batches of grinding to produce professional grade results. It has a doserless design, making in a perfect additional to a home barista’s kitchen and it also has a stepless grind adjustment that makes sure every cup of espresso or coffee preparation is of high quality.

Another doserless option for espresso coffee grinders would be the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder. This grinder can produce not only coffee grounds for a shot of espresso but it can also produce grounds for drip and press pot. With commercial quality design, this machine can last you for years.

If you are a restaurant or cafe that specializes in all things coffee, then waste no time in investing in the Compak F10 Conic. The F10 gives you unparalleled quality that can meet the tastes of the most discerning customers. The F10 is capable of grinding one shot or two shots of coffee operating on three different modes.  With the F10, you get the exact amount of ground coffee for an explosive cup of espresso. The burr itself is capable of grinding up to 1200kgs of coffee.