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Coffee Bean Grinders

Freshly ground coffee is the clear choice for the best cup of coffee at home, but which coffee bean grinders are best for you? 1st in Coffee offers a full range of coffee grinders for sale from Capresso, Mazzer, Compak, Baratza, Rancilio, Elektra, Pasquini, and more. From basic blade and burr grinders that can do one cup at a time, to high-quality espresso grinders which offer stepless adjustment, all the way to industrial commercial grinders which can grind 6.5 pounds in one minute! Give 1st in Coffee a call at 800-709-8210 to buy coffee grinders. We are here to help you find the right coffee grinder for you 7 days a week!

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  1. Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic Espresso Grinder

    Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic<br /> Espresso Grinder


    Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic Espresso Grinder features stepless grind adjustment. This electronic version allows for precise On-demand grinding.

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  2. Ceado E37S Electronic Espresso Grinder

    Ceado E37S Touchscreen<br />Electronic Espresso Grinder


    Featuring 83mm burrs, the touchscreen Ceado E37S is an electronic dosing espresso grinder featuring stepless fineness adjustment. The E37S utilizes the latest Ceado electronics which results is superior performance and reliability.

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  3. Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder

    Eureka Atom 75 <br />Espresso Grinder


    The Eureka Atom 75 is a commercial quality espresso grinder compact enough for any kitchen. The Atom 75 grinds on demand, activated by two programmable dosing buttons. Stepless worm gear grind adjustment ensures you can dial in the perfect shot.

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  4. Rocket Fausto Espresso Grinder Chrome

    Rocket Fausto<br /> Espresso Grinder Chrome


    Rocket Fausto Espresso Grinder is designed to incorporate commercial grade quality and sleek design for the home barista. Features stepless grind adjustment and programmable electronic dosing. The perfect pair for a Rocket espresso machine.

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  5. Compak E5 OD Espresso Grinder

    Compak <br /> E5 OD Espresso Grinder


    The “OD” stands for “on demand,” and these doserless Compak coffee grinders have the potential to move your home espresso bar or your coffee shop to the next level. The Compak E5 grinder is better suited as a dedicated espresso grinder. 

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  6. Compak E6 Espresso Grinder

    Compak E6 <br />Espresso Grinder


    The Compak E6 On Demand espresso grinder is where innovation meets tradition. Its traditional 64mm flat burrs combined with advanced electronic timing and modern styling make it a natural addition to your home or small office coffee center.

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  7. Mazzer Mini Electronic

    Mazzer Mini Electronic<br />Espresso Grinder


    The ideal choice for the demanding a top quality espresso grind, ground fresh for each shot. Mazzer espresso grinders are perhaps the most respected brand of commercial quality espresso grinders available. The Mazzer Mini Electronic is an ideal choice for the small restaurant, sophisticated office or espresso enthusiast's home. Built to last with only top quality materials the Mazzer Mini Electronic is also feature rich, capable of producing consistent coffee grinds for outstanding espresso.

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  8. Compak K8 Espresso Grinder

    Compak K8 <br />Espresso Grinder


    Designed for volume and optimum quality, the Compak K8 grinder is for locations with high coffee consumption. Learn more about this industrial coffee bean grinder here, or contact us for more information.

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  9. Rancilio KRYO 65 OD

    Rancilio KRYO 65 OD<br />Commercial Espresso Grinder


    KRYO 65 OD on demand version is an instant dosing espresso grinder offering extreme versatility and flexibility of use. Fitted with high-capacity 64 mm diameter burrs, KRYO 65 OD ensures that the barista has the right dose of ground coffee instantly, for a quality espresso in less than 2 seconds.

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  10. Rancilio KRYO 65 ST

    Rancilio KRYO 65 ST<br />Commercial Espresso Grinder


    The commercial Rancilio KRYO 65 ST is a doser espresso grinder that is a perfect companion to any Rancilio espresso machine. Features patented cooling grinder chamber which reduces heat from friction during grinding

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We often get customers asking why their new, high end espresso machines may not be producing shots of espresso as tasty as they’d expect. Many times the answer is simple: freshly ground beans. They should buy coffee grinders to improve the taste of their coffee. 

Brewing espresso requires pushing 135 pounds of water pressure PSI through finely ground coffee in less than 25 seconds. For that to be successful it is necessary to grind the beans into a very precise size. The grounds must be small enough to allow the water to filter through, but large enough to maintain the quality of the bean’s flavor. Burr grinders and blade coffee bean grinders are perfectly sufficient for drip coffee but espresso coffee often requires higher end models of coffee bean grinders to produce the perfect flavor. 

Some people say that it’s possible to brew a better shot of espresso with cheaper espresso machines and instead buy coffee grinders that are more expensive, rather than the other way around. 

At 1st in Coffee our customer service line is open to you 7 days a week during business hours to help you buy coffee grinders. We guarantee we have the right coffee bean grinders to fit every budget and any home. We are happy to guide your exploration through our large selection of coffee bean grinders in order to ensure that you buy coffee grinders that are perfect for your home or business. We look forward to sharing our love of all things coffee with you!