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Ascaso Espresso Machines & Grinders

Ascaso has a reputation within the coffee community for designing machines with long lasting components using the finest materials. Professional performance and durability are the rules that effect the production of every Ascaso coffee machine. When you combine the company’s reputation for excellence with their passion for fine design, you get a beautiful Ascaso espresso machine or coffee grinder that will last you for years and years.

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The Ascaso factory was founded in a Barcelona, Spain in 1962 by Jesus Ascaso. It began as a supplier for other companies, offering high quality Ascaso espresso machine parts at a lower price to popular Spanish espresso machine manufacturers like Gaggia. However, as the years passed and Mr. Ascaso’s supplier business thrived, the young Spanish entrepreneur decided to begin manufacturing Ascaso espresso machines himself using the same high quality parts he had been supplying to other companies.

To this day the Ascaso Company supports two professional divisions: one that supplies parts and components for coffee machines, coffee grinders, and other small machinery and another that designs and sells customers an Ascaso coffee machine or coffee grinder with  extended high quality and range.

Ascaso espresso machines may be best known by their dream model which is available in a modern design and finish. Consumers can pick from colors like bright orange, deep red, and construction yellow. Not only does this fine Ascaso coffee machine prepare excellent espresso time after time, it adds a modern look to any kitchen.

Another popular benefit of an Ascaso coffee machine is its environmentally friendly design. Each brass component that comes into contact with water or steam receives special treatment that dramatically reduces the lead and other metals transferred to beverages during brewing or down the drain during cleaning.

1st in Coffee carries several models from the wonderful Ascaso line of Spanish coffee makers. Browse our site or call our customer support line for more information on these great Ascaso espresso machines.